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2019 February Commodore Column: Rock Stars Abound

Five years ago, when we joined PTYC, I didn’t know much about the club operations or how things got done, or for that matter what things got done. It just seemed like everything worked magically. Going into my fourth year on the board, I’ve realized what it takes to make PTYC such an amazing club.

I stated in the general meeting in January, that the 2019 board are rock stars. I’m sure other Commodores have felt the same way over the years. Upon further reflection, that’s only the beginning. The hundreds of hours put into standing committees, which include advertising support and writing the Baggywrinkle, communicating with members in need, technology and website care, overseeing our investments and the amazing scholarship committee who raised nearly $10,000 to help students in their pursuit of a maritime career; not to mention all the watches, cruises and events where members give so generously of their time and all work together to keep the club running smoothly. And how cool is it to see newer members step up to fill positions that have been handled for years by longstanding members? It all seems like it’s orchestrated in perfect harmony. Continue reading

2019 January Commodore’s Column

Happy New Year!

As we welcome 2019, it’s given me time to ponder what this year will mean to me personally as well as to PTYC. It’s a time to reflect on the past and look toward a bright future. I say that because of two important events happening at the club this month. One is the Change of Watch (COW) and second is the Cruise, Event and Watch Planning Meeting for the upcoming year. These two events are very special since they give us an opportunity to look both at past successes and future endeavors.

One of things that struck me when I first became a member, and first attended a COW, was that it was not only about the outgoing board and the incoming board, but the long-term commitment of our members. What was most obvious when I looked out at the members present was the depth of experience that the Past Commodores and their spouses have provided for the club over the years. Another thing that struck me was how incredibly welcoming the people who’ve been members for many years were to newbies like Christina and me. We’re both looking forward to this year’s COW on January 19th to honor our club’s past, present and future.

The second event that’s so important this month is our Cruise, Event and Watch Planning Meeting on January 26th. This leads the way for what our club will be doing in the coming year. It’s not only about cruises or events, but it’s laying out a road map for our future adventures together. For those of you who haven’t attended a planning meeting, it’s a great opportunity, if not for the free coffee and goodies, to enjoy the camaraderie of creating new experiences and fun for our members. This is the time when we look forward to people stepping up to be cruise captains, event captains, watch captains and crew. And a time to brainstorm about destinations we want to travel to and events that will bring us together.

I encourage all of you to attend these two functions to help steer the direction of the club. Like it’s been said many times before, this is your club, and your input and support are essential to its success.

Here’s a toast to a great 2019! I’m truly honored to be your Commodore this year.

Commodore Jim Pivarnik



2018 December Commodore’s Column

“The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.”

 Helen Keller

And so, we come to the end of another year at PTYC. We have had some good weather and some, unsettled, even nasty weather. But like any seasoned mariner we have “sailed on,” looking forward to better, brighter days.

Before sealing the yearbook of 2018 here are a few things I am thankful for across the Salish Sea. The “dock helpers” at Roche Harbor and Cap Sante Marina, I aspire to be as cordial and helpful as these young folks. The unfailing warmth and friendliness of our Canadian ports of call; Ladysmith, Maple Bay, Chemanius, Telegraph Harbor, Sydney, Oak Bay, Poet’s Cove, Otter Bay, the list goes on and on. With good neighbors like the Canadians we are fortunate indeed. In our neck of the woods let’s not forget the happy, smiling faces in our local marinas; Diane at Pleasant Harbor, Cindy at Alderbrook, Terry at Rosario are three that stand out. On the subject of cruising our favorite waters let’s challenge ourselves to deal more intelligently and wisely with the more prickly areas; the swirling waters of Deception Pass and Cattle Pass, the relentless currents of Guemes and Spieden Channels, the short, stacked waves at Point No Point when tide and wind are in opposition, the shallowness of the western end of the Swinomish Channel. These challenges and more, make our boating experiences worthy of “tall tales” at the bar.

December at PTYC provides a hearty, festive fare for all. December 1-6 the Kingston/Bell Harbor Cruise puts an exclamation point on our cruising season. If you can’t attend with your boat, drive-in possibilities abound. Gerry promises a “pub crawl” worthy of Irish folklore. Saturday, December 15 is our annual Holiday Party at the clubhouse. This year it will be Festive Fiesta followed by the “Yankee Gift Exchange” that is always a hoot. We end the year of activities on December 27 with the Key City Holiday Play with a PTYC hosted after play ‘soiree’. If you haven’t been to one of these events you are missing out on some of our best times.

With this last column of my tenure as Commodore I would be remiss in not thanking all who made 2018 a rousing success. I shall not single out any one person, rather, I would stress the importance of teamwork to accomplish any worthwhile endeavor. Service is an honor to provide and pass on with humility. Fair winds and following seas….

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await  another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.

T.S. Eliot

Commodore Jess Schefstrom