Commodore’s Column

2017 December Commodore Column: “Nautical Twilight!”


Our voyage together is nearly over. The sea buoy is in sight and the pilot boat awaits. But, we’re going to fetch port with a flourish, because the holiday season is here!

Cruises, parties, feasting, gifts, entertainment and good cheer are standing by. Your job is to show up and partake. Duh. Of course, being sailors, we know how to have fun, and I plan to be with you every stagger, err…step, of the way.

Jess Schefstrom, eminently qualified, will assume the conn in January, giving us all an opportunity to enjoy responsible, rather than demented, leadership. He’ll need your help and support, although perhaps not as much as I did.

Thank you for a wonderful year. We had a great time together. I was honored to serve.

“Nautical Twilight” is that brief time of day when the celestial bodies and the horizon are both visible. It is when, sextant in hand, mariners shoot the stars, plot a fix and lay down a course to their destination. It’s time to draw a new track on my chart. Smooth sailing, dear friends, and happy holidays!

           El Duano abides. Party on!                                                Commodore Duane Madinger



“The Perfect Storm !”

Dog the hatches and check your lines, shipmates. November, known locally as “The Big Dark”, has arrived. For our club, the gloom, wind and rain are actually the calm before the storm. November is a quiet month for the membership, although your board and committees are working overtime. First up is the general meeting, where we’ll elect the incoming board and vote on raising dues for 2018. Then, on the 18th, we have the clubhouse work party—a chance for handymen to shine! That’s it, a slow month with a chance to catch our breath.

Now, I’ve weathered a few hurricanes. I’ve seen my share of typhoons and rode out many a cyclone. But we have a “Perfect Storm” approaching. It will make landfall in December. I’m talking, of course, about a perfect storm of fun! The forecast is for Force 12 revelry and a wicked good time this holiday season. I hope you are ready. Here’s the eye’s predicted path:

Ö The Bell Harbor Cruise

Ö Key City Public Theatre’s performance at the general meeting

Ö Our annual holiday pot luck and gift swap

Ö “The Seven Poor Travelers” at KCPT, followed by

Ö The PTYC Night Owl Party (come whether you go to the play or not)

You can’t run from this blow. Meet her bow on and hold fast. You can do it!

To reach a port we must set sail

Commodore Duane Madinger


“Keep Calm and Drop An Anchor!”


As I write this, the Ballard Locks Cruise is underway, and, just days ago we enjoyed the Hadlock Bonfire and Picnic Cruise, a flaming success! In October, three great events are scheduled: the Garage Sale, the Crab Feast and the Halloween Party.   I encourage you to check out the fliers and sign up—it’s time to commit. Hey, having fun takes a little effort! Also, these gatherings don’t happen without the help of volunteers, so please consider lending a hand. This is especially true for the garage sale. By enlisting online and participating, you will take a lot of pressure off Muriel and Katie. Don’t forget you can bring items for the garage sale to the October meeting, or deliver them to the club Wednesday through Friday.

Your humble commodore will pontificate on anchoring at our October meeting. If you are new to boating, or have not anchored much, you might find this talk helpful. Old timers are encouraged to challenge and mock the speaker for the entertainment of all. But take note, you can anchor the right way, or you can move up to El Duano’s way! Finally, your help is needed for an anchor watch during the presentation. Otherwise, Muriel might steal my ground tackle for the garage sale.

Dad, it’s looking really shallow…

Commodore Duane Madinger