Commodore’s Column

2017 March PTYC Commodore’s Column: “Ship’s Survey Report”

Owners and crew, it’s time to endure El Duano’s “State of the Club” assessment, conducted in accordance with all inapplicable USCG regulations and guidelines. For those about to tack, your club is shipshape and Bristol fashion. For those holding a steady course, here’s the rest of the story.

Unlike Congress, our board passed a balanced budget in 2017. It’s a doozy, with a heavy emphasis on the “fun” in funding. Our liquid assets are substantial and invested wisely. We have no debt. We own our building. We rent the land under it from the Port at a reasonable rate. The club house is due for maintenance, and we’ll kick this off in March with a piling survey.

Sailing on, the club continues to grow at a steady pace. We must be doing something right! Good people are crafting plans to deal with this expansion, so, rest assured we’ll have a true course at the next waypoint. Fleet Captain Deb planned a great year for us, but volunteers are still needed for some cruises and events. Contact her if you can help. We’ve also fleshed out the standing committees, and right now only the scholarship committee needs extra hands (hint).

I’m hoping for a big turnout this year, with lots of new faces at the gangway. You’ll be able to travel to many of our destinations by “land yacht”, so there is no need to miss the revelry. Remember, you cannot not have fun at the PTYC!

Commodore Duane Madinger    

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a boat.


2017 February Commodore’s Column: “Give Way Together”

Fellow crew, in this column we’re going to catch, then drive our way through the importance of teamwork. But, before the race starts, let’s recognize those who worked so hard in January. Their contributions were vital, and much appreciated. We acknowledge this on the Bravo Zulu page. If you look at nothing else in the Baggy, go there and see who works for you.

At the last meeting, I broached the subject of volunteerism. Clubs like ours deal with two challenges. The first is a dearth of volunteers—not enough people to make things happen. The second is the rise of super volunteers—a handful of people assuming ever more responsibility. Either condition can undermine an organization. The sweet spot lies in the middle, with the coxswain setting the pace and the crew following the stroke.

Right now, with a strong varsity team, it’s time to get the juniors up to speed and start training the freshmen. We don’t want to end up with a scratch crew next season. So, metaphors aside, let me simply encourage participation. If you are new to the club, attend some meetings and get on a watch. Been around a bit longer? Volunteer to help on a committee or cruise. The next step, run an event or cruise. You get the picture. Uncertain about the process? The veterans will pull you through.

Sharing the load is the best way to keep our organization vibrant. If you would like to help, contact me or a member of the board. And, don’t be surprised if we approach you. In fact, your new commodore is a shameless recruiter. For starters, take a look at the What’s Happening page and notice the gaps in next year’s schedule.

Finally, remember, if we all pull together, we’ll find our swing.

                                                      Commodore Duane Madinger    

                                        One spirit, one stroke!

2017 January Commodore’s Column: “Wakes and Horizons”

Sailors, by tradition, make the first log entry of the new year in verse. The practice is observed in the Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and, occasionally, in the yachting community. Our log book is the Baggywrinkle, and, this being the first issue of the new year, we must now all suffer together. You aren’t alone, for at 0400 on January the 1st, mariners in every ocean and every sea will record, in official documents, similarly painful compositions.

2016 was a very good year
We partied, we cruised, we drank some beer
Bruce, The Bruce, led the charge
From the luxury of his stately barge

The change of watch was most glorious
Our ladies divine, the men meritorious
Hurrah, our season began in May
When all the boats came out to play

First Paddy, Pleasant, Reid and Ludlow
To Sequim and Blake, most apropos
Finally, Hadlock and frosty Bell
Oh, the tales we lived to tell!

Recall the home port revelry
The opening day mega-party
A scary spooktacle, a crabby feed
Gifts and a play, our holiday creed

Now, ken the work of our stout crew
Who fixed a park and the clubhouse, too
They raised money for a worthy cause
While the board harrumphed, per the bylaws

To all who helped, a hearty cheer
As we give thanks for quite a year
And how the Christmas Star does twinkle
For she who writes the Baggywrinkle

But we won’t stop in 2017
Coming up, a planning thing
To have a say in where we go
No excuses—you’ve got to show

Then Bruce, the conn, will pass with glee
To a lubber of moot pedigree
And his cutter of diminutive size
Persevere, friends. I apologize.

2017 Commodore Duane Madinger      
Now, bring me that horizon!