Socials & Parties

A great part of the year centers around social events at the club, particularly during the winter.  From Chili Cook-offs to a night at a Key City Public Theatre performance, PTYC members enjoy getting together and having a great time.

PTYC  Happenings  Jan – June
PTYC  Happenings   July – Jan

PTYC Event Sign Up Sheets
PTYC Paid Event Sign Up Sheets

JANUARY 20:        2018 Change of Watch Flyer
JANUARY 27:        2018 PTYC Cruise & Event Planning Session with pizza
FEBRUARY 25:      Scholarship ‘Games Night’ FUNdraiser
MARCH 16:            St. Paddy’s Happy Hour, Potluck & Movie Ceilidh
MARCH 17:            St. Paddy’s Happy Hour, Whiskey Tasting & Potluck Ceilidh
MARCH 31:            Clubhouse Spring Cleaning
APRIL 14:               Safety Seminar  &  Chili Cook-off
APRIL 21:               Earth Day Beach Front Clean-Up
APRIL 29:               Open Boat at Port Ludlow
MAY 4:                   Pre-Opening Day Cocktails with Past Commodores
MAY 4:                   Pre-Opening Day RSVP Dinner
MAY 5:                   Opening Day Coffee & Doughnuts
MAY 5:                   Opening Day Boat Parade
MAY 5:                   Opening Day Potluck Party
SEPT. 7-9:              Wooden Boat Festival-Port Townsend
OCT. 10-13:           Garage Sale Scholarship Fundraiser
OCT. 21:                 Crab Feast Prep
OCT. 21:                 Crab Feast
OCT. 28:                 Halloween Party
NOV. 7:                  Fall Clubhouse Clean-up
DEC. 15:                 Holiday Potluck & Gift Swap
DEC. 27                  Key City Public Theater Play
DEC. 27:                 Night Owl Post-Play Party

JAN. 19:                 2019 Change of Watch
JAN. 26:                 2019 Event Planning Event

Stacy, Caryl, Ron, Susie and Nancy at the Feliz Navidad party December 2014

Stacy, Caryl, Ron, Susie and Nancy at the Feliz Navidad party

Having fun at the After theatre party December 2014

Having fun at the After theatre party