2014 March Commodore’s Column

Macy 6

It is hard to believe that we are already starting to talk about cruising, but it is happening!  Just a week or so ago you were sent the 2014 cruising schedule.  Bruce and Kathy Painter and their crew have put together a great list of cruises – both long and short, local and into Canada, with new destinations and old favorites.  Many offer the opportunity to come either by boat or car, and offer the best way to get to know fellow members in a small group setting.   The walks, hikes, dock sitting, games, happy hours, and mealtimes are great fun and the perfect social time.  So there is every reason to participate in a cruise – and we look forward to seeing you.

Bill and I plan to go on every one that we can.  LADY is hauled out right now getting the boat deck fiberglassed plus some warranty work, so we will be out of the water for the St. Patrick’s Day Cruise to Port Ludlow this month, but we will drive over for the dinner at Jess and Mary Schefstrom’s home.

We hope to be back in the water and ready to greet the fleet on Opening Day, Saturday, May 3rd.  In late June we are leading a leisurely cruise to Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island, BC with Sue McKay and Paul Happel (see p. 12).  The timing allows sailboats to keep pace with the faster power boats.  That cruise will end in time for boats to return to Reid Harbor for July 4th.   However, Bill and I will continue heading north for several weeks to Desolation Sound and perhaps the Broughtons.  Unfortunately, we will again miss the Independence Day festivities.  We will also miss the September cruises while we are in England for two weeks on a canal boat.  We are planning on Bell Harbor in December, one of our favorite cruises — especially in good weather!  It is tough to do everything, but we will try for most.

The club is going to break with tradition on Opening Day this year.  Instead of cruising to Mystery Bay after the boat parade, the cruise is to Boat Haven.  I know it sounds like heresy, but it makes lots of sense to give it a try considering 68% of the boats in our fleet are not in Port Townsend.  Of the 63 boats (33 power and 30 sail) 20 are in Boat Haven, 18 in Port Hadlock, 11 in Port Ludlow, 6 in Cape George/Sequim, and 8 out of area. 

Cruising into Boat Haven allows those coming in for the Parade, especially sailboats, to stay overnight.  We think   it might encourage more participation in both the Parade and cruise because it puts the Clubhouse at the center of the festivities and allows us a place for a chowder feast and potluck — especially if the weather does not cooperate.  It will be a fun experiment.

New members often ask how our cruises operate.  Each cruise captain can organize his/her cruise as he/she  wants, but usually follows a certain pattern.  Reservations are made for the group and a schedule is set up for potlucks, happy hours, breakfasts, games, etc.  Individual members are then responsible for letting the Cruise Captain know that you want to participate.  Once you are signed up you will be in the loop of emails and information regarding that cruise.  The club puts $100 toward each cruise.  It sometimes goes to reserve the moorage.  For example, we paid Bell Harbor $5 for each slip reserved for December.  Other times it goes for prizes, special treats – whatever seems appropriate.  Cruisers need to pay their own moorage and provide potluck items if they plan to participate in that particular meal.  The two Canadian cruises will give us the opportunity to gather for some     pre-cruise planning.  Bruce and Kathy will meet with   those going to Victoria.  The Telegraph Harbour captains will plan sometime before that cruise.  We will talk about charts, routes, go-no go decisions, and things to know about going into Canada.

I encourage you to look over the Cruising Schedule Bruce sent you and is now published in the Baggywrinkle, on the website, and in the Roster; and make plans to go on one  of the cruises.  It will be great fun.

Hope to see you at the March meeting.  I know you will enjoy PTYC Member Darren O’Brien’s presentation of some of his and Lisa’s videos on the Washington State Marine Parks.  I have seen a few and they are great.

Tug on…  Macy Galbreath, 2014 Commodore