2014 October Vice-Commodore’s Column: Our History and Our Future

gw3Is it Fall already? Heck, we were just becoming used to the wonderful summer weather we’ve had in the Pacific Northwest! Well, Fall does bring nice weather still and even better it brings us to our second PTYC meeting following the summer meeting hiatus. The October 14th meeting will be special for those members who have joined in recent years and really have not had the opportunity to learn about the history of the Port Townsend Yacht Club, especially from the folks who brought it into being, built the clubhouse and nurtured it through the years. That being said, be sure to be on hand when Past Commodores Carl Sidle and Jim “Daubie” Daubenberger will review PTYC’s history first hand. We owe these guys a lot due to their hard work and willingness to step up when necessary for the good of the club.

Speaking of new members, the lifeline for the future of the club, a quick review of the procedures set forth on page 18 of your copy of the “Roster” book for 2014might be helpful in recruiting.   Article V. in the by-laws of the club contains 5 sections which are summarized in the table below. Hope this information helps you all in asking new folks to join us.

Membership Application Checklist
#Step by Step DescriptionDate
 1.Application to Treasurer with money. 
 2.Treasurer to notify Vice Commodore and send application. 
 3.Applicant(s) attends a club event (#1 and #3 can be in reverse order). 
 4.Vice Commodore sends application via email to Membership Committee members for approval. 
 5.Committee member(s) interviews applicant(s) in person or phone. 
 6.The interview is typed and sent via email to committee members. 
 7.Committee members state” yes” or “no” in regards to accepting application. 
 8.With committee approval, the application is sent out to the membership for seven days for their review, comments and approval. 
 9.Vice Commodore completes “for PTYC” on bottom of application. 
 10.Upon approval, Vice Commodore enter new member(s) into database 
 11.Upon approval, Vice Commodore enters new member(s) into List Serve database. 
 12.Upon approval, Membership Committee or Secretary sends “Welcome Letter” to new member(s). 
 13.Vice Commodore requests “Goodie Bag” to be prepared. 
 14.Vice Commodore orders name tags and boat name hangers. 
 15.New Member(s) are presented at next General Meeting 

Thanks are in order to September’s Watch Captains Fred and Ilona Bell and their crew Kathy and Chelcie Liu, Val Thurston and the many members staying after the meeting to help with clean-up. Thanks to Michael Machette for organizing the T-37 Demonstration Race at Point Hudson for RC enthusiasts and spectators alike. Thanks to Phil and Katie Habegger for their presentation on “Sailing South of the Border”. Also thanks to Cruise Captains Ed and Theda Cooper for putting together the “Port Hadlock Sunset Equinox Cruise”. And thanks to Cruise Captains Jim and Char Quandt, and Jim and Rhonda Turner for their efforts in planning and executing the” Kingston Cruise.”  Perhaps we can have Cruise Captain Marilynne Gates schedule and lead the “Lock Through to Lake Union” Cruise next year. See you on October 14th!                                             Gerry Walsh, Vice-Commodore