2014 September Commodore’s Column: SUMMER’S ALMOST OVER!

MacyWelcome back! How soon summer is over! I hope you have had a great time and have wonderful boating stories to share when we gather for our September 9th meeting. Ilona and Fred Bell and their crew have a “welcome back” soup and salad potluck planned. It is always well attended and be great fun. You will especially want to hear the program when members Phil and Katie Habegger talk about their experiences boating in Mexico. Unfortunately, Bill and I will miss it all. We will be in England on a two week narrow boat cruise of the Midlands. We will also miss the cruises to Kingston and Shilshole at the end of the month.

Bill and I were able to cruise – first with the Yacht Club group through the Gulf Islands to Telegraph Harbor in June and then on to the Broughtons with Joe and Beth Burson on SOLEIL and Marilynne Gates and Roger Harmon on HARMONY. We had great weather, not too much rough water, and sightings of a bear, whales, and loads of eagles.

Now, it is time to focus on the most important aspect of the club: Officers and the Board for 2015! The Nominating Committee will be elected at the September meeting and will be calling to fill the slate between then and the October meeting. I hope you will consider taking a leadership role when asked for either the Board or a Committee position. It is up to the entire membership to keep the club vibrant, interesting and financially solid.   We have worked on the Policies and Bylaws spreading out jobs so that everyone (Board and Membership) have a small piece and everything will get done. Elections are in November. Be ready to answer the call and be part of the action and fun in 2015.

Tug on . . .     Macy Galbreath, Commodore