2015 December PTYC Commodore’s Column: “Happy Holidays”

2015 Dec columnEveryone is planning and preparing for the possibly busiest time of the year. Gift lists are being compiled, celebrations planned, groceries bought, parties attended and friends wished well for the coming year. Religious services of many denominations are celebrating the reason for all of this activity and good cheer.

PTYC is no exception when it comes to celebrating the season. Our club has been uncommonly busy celebrating the holidays, with more feverish planning, hearty dining and happily gathering together in good cheer and exchanging greetings and wishes of good health and well-being. What does a group like PTYC do to be so busy during the holidays?

Here’s what:

  • * Annual Bell Harbor Holiday Cruise to Seattle
  • * December general meeting with entertainment by the Key City Public Theater players
  • * Decoration of the clubhouse for the Holidays
  • * Annual Holiday Party, dinner and Yankee gift exchange
  • * Annual Key City Public Theater Holiday performance
  • * Holiday cocktail party

Not only does all this eating, learning, cruising and camaraderie occur during the holidays, when you are a PTYC member who enjoys our club, you know well that   we are an amazingly busy group throughout rest of the year.

To wit, please note the following:

  •  Opening Day breakfast and boat parade and potluck
  •  12 water based or land based cruises/events
  •  10 monthly club meetings with informative/entertaining programs
  •  T-37 races
  •  9 Board meetings
  •  Annual clubhouse clean-up/fix-up day
  •  Annual Earth Day clean-up at Mystery Bay State Park
  •  A safety seminar followed by the annual Chili Cook off
  •  Open boat at Port Hadlock
  •  Movie Night at the clubhouse in August
  •  Annual Garage Sale fundraiser for the PTYC Scholarship Fund
  •  Annual Crab Feast
  •  Countless committee meetings which occur behind the scenes
  • And with 18 new member families in 2015, we now number 202 members!

What a great group you are!  Thanks for making this a year to celebrate!

“May the frost never afflict your spuds.”       Gerry Walsh, 2015 Commodore

Celltic Sun signing off