2015 PTYC May Commodore’s Column: “We Don’t Just Go Boating…”

May Com photoWhat an absolutely great bunch you are! What you, the members of The Port Townsend Yacht Club, manage to accomplish in addition to going boating is absolutely amazing! When Cindy and I joined PTYC, we had no idea of the number of hours the members of PTYC contribute to the club and the community throughout the year.

The actions of a group, which is probably known as a “bunch of boaters,” may be generating so much more in terms of service hours, than actual “time on the water”, is wonderful to behold!Earth Day 2015 8 x 10 300dpi-1818

As I write this, 22 of your fellow members just completed putting in 95 volunteer hours at Mystery Bay State Park on Marrowstone Island. These folks showed up at 9 o’clock this morning and by the time they were done, the park really sparkled. You should take a look sometime – the view across the water, toward the beautiful, snow-capped Olympic Mountain Range, is worth the short drive. It is also a neat place for a short cruise and all night stay tied to the dock. A fine lunch was prepared by Paul Happel, Sue McKay, Duane & Houlton Madinger with Carl Sidle doing dogs on his grill. This deed was once again coordinated by Paul Happel and Chelcie Liu. And this is just one service PTYC members perform each year. AND… we witnessed the debut of the large, new PTYC burgee made by Paul Happel for the club to display at events and cruises! To top it all off, when we were eating lunch, a lady came over to the tables and thanked us profusely for making the park they use so neat, clean and attractive!

At every meeting it seems that there are sign-up sheets on tables and passed around on clipboards with opportunities to be of service as well as for going boating. Many members have already answered the call to serve as Watch Captains and Crew for our monthly meetings, while others work tirelessly in the background to the benefit of all of us.Websters

Speaking of tireless work behind the scenes, your club now has a new website, an idea born over a year ago, which has now become a reality. No one, except the small group of people led by Macy Galbreath and Ilona Bell, have any idea of the literally hundreds of hours they worked to create our new “ptyc.net”. When you see them, please tell them how much you appreciate their time and effort. A “Thank you”, is always appreciated.

Last month I wrote that Spring Cleaning was upon us and sure enough, your clubhouse was cleaned by member volunteers who swarmed the place as usual.

Okay, enough cheerleading for this month, now I want to ask that if someone asks, or if you hear of a plea for help, please think how this might be your opportunity to be of service. Heck, you could do something like tending bar, manning a table of clipboards, helping to clean up after meetings, help run a cruise, work at the Garage Sale, help find program speakers or even volunteering to do a program yourself, just as Harry Dudley, Steve Froggett, Jess Schefstrom and Rick Rezinas did for the Saturday Safety Seminar on April 11th. The coordinators were Tim Loika and Rick Rezinas. Tim and Kathy Loika even captained the Watch for the general meeting the following Tuesday!

There is always need for more of us to do wonderful things for each other and the community and ultimately for ourselves.

We are so proud of PTYC and feel privileged to belong. Thank you again, Vince and Mary Ann, for inviting us to join!

 To paraphrase the old Irish blessing:

Irish Blessing

May the frost never afflict your spuds.”                             Gerry Walsh, Commodore