2015 October PTYC Commodore Column: “Stepping Up to the Plate”

Oct WebAs the 2015 baseball season is counting down, another off-season of hopefulness begins for faithful Mariners’ fans; PTYC is counting down to the time for the election of officers for the 2016 season. And as the Mariners begin thinking about new players that will help them have a winning season (hope springs eternal!), PTYC is looking for a few good players to step up to the plate and assume positions of leadership for another successful year packed with programs, events, seminars, land-based outings and of course cruises on the waters of the Salish Sea.

As always, our club depends upon the energy, willingness to serve and hard work of club members who respond to the call to serve the rest of us. To this end, a Nominations Committee consisting of Past Commodore Fred Bell and members Cindy Walsh and Lee Hoffman was approved at the September General Meeting. They too stepped up to the plate as volunteers to serve the club. Fred, Cindy and Lee have agreed to look for PTYC members to fill vacancies on the Board for 2016 and are in the process of making contacts. Please consider responding if called upon or just call one of them and make it known that you would like to volunteer to fill a spot on the Board next year. A slate of candidates will be presented at our October 13th General meeting. At that time more volunteers will be sought to round out the slate if necessary. The election of new officers will occur at the November 10th General Meeting.This year many folks have answered the call to make our club run and serve you well. I would like to name as many as possible.

Board members:

Macy Galbreath, Bruce Painter, Craig Kurath, Duane Madinger, Mary Schefstrom, Craig Cholvin, Jess Schefstrom, Tim Loika and Gerry Walsh.

Cruise Captains:

  • St. Paddy’s Cruise – Jess & Mary Schefstrom
  • Opening Day Cruise – Duane Madinger
  • Round Whidbey Cruise –  Dale & Susie Pool Moses
  • July 4th Cruise to Reid Harbor –  Gerry & Cindy Walsh
  • Port Ludlow Days Cruise – Duane & Houlton Madinger
  • Kala Point Lunch Cruise – ,Jim & Char Quandt, Michael Machette, John Oliveira;
  • Pleasant Harbor Cruise Fred & Ilona Bell, Michael & Jane Asbury
  • South Sound Cruise –  Rick & Sandi Rezinas Michael & Jane Asbury
  • Poulsbo Cruise –  Lloyd & Nancy Schulberg , Duane Madinger
  • Hadlock Picnic/Bonfire Cruise –  Ed & Theda Cooper
  • Bell Harbor Holiday Cruise – Bruce & Kathy Painter, Macy Galbreath & Bill Rothert
  • T-37 RRC Races Captain – Michael Machette.


  • Chili Cook-off – Tim Loika, Rick Rezinas, Jess Schefstrom;
  • Crab Feed – Jim Quandt, Duane Madinger, Tom Biazzo, Michael Machette;
  • Earth Day – Paul Happel, Sue McKay, Chelcie Liu, Craig Kurath, Bill & Margaret Taylor
  • Opening Day Breakfast and Change of Watch – Macy Galbreath & Bill Rothert (and gobs of others); 
  • Open Boat – Cindy & Gerry Walsh;
  • Movie Night – Tom & Patti Biazzo;
  • Hadlock Bonfire – Ed & Theda CooperThank you


  • Programs and Watches: Cindy Walsh,
  • “Baggywrinkle” Newsletter: Ilona Bell
  • Purser (maintains supplies for the bar and kitchen) – Mary Ann Verneuil
  • Fair Winds (sends cards to members who are experiencing loss or illness) Mary Ann Verneuil and Sandy Curtis
  • Website – Macy Galbreath and Ilona Bell
  • Boat Photos in the Lobby and Member Photos online – Paul Happel
  • New Member “Goody Bags” – Sue Happel
  • Garage Sale – Muriel Powers
  • Ship Stores (apparel) – Char Quandt

Okay, you get the idea. A lot of folks contribute and many of them work at more than one or two jobs to make PTYC, your club, successful. Next time you see one of them, tell them how much you appreciate their work. Even better yet, why not consider “stepping up to the plate” next year and help to make your club the best ever?

My apologies if you or someone you know have been omitted from the lists above; it was certainly unintended. If you will bring it to my attention, it will addressed in the next issue.

May the frost never afflict your spuds.”                               Gerry Walsh, Commodore