2016 March Commodore’s Column: “We’re Approaching Cruising Speed!”

16 Mar Com ColAhoy Shipmates!

March?? How’d that happen?? As we speed toward the end of February, I want to recognize some of our rapidly accelerating activities.

Fleet Captain John Powers conducted a very successful and well attended cruise and events planning session. The schedules are developing nicely. Some of the cruises and events are still in need of Captains. John is also working on our plans for the Opening Day Boat Parade.

A new scholarship season is upon us. The Scholarship Committee has seen a few changes since last year. Katherine Buchanan is on a leave of absence and has left the committee. We thank her for dedication to this program and hope to see her again in 2017. In the meantime, I am happy to announce Pete Leenhouts and Bob Bergstrom as our newest Scholarship Committee members.

Muriel Powers and Paul Eisenhardt are working with the rest of the committee members to schedule meetings in order to plan this year’s effort. I have no doubt that this will be another good year for this worthy program.

There is plenty of activity in other areas as well. Vice Commodore Duane Madinger is working on the 2016 Roster. Trustee Bill Taylor is working on the Watch and Program schedules. Trustee Tom Thurston has initiated contact with the Race Boss for the Race to Alaska (R2AK) and has agreed to chair our planning committee to plan PTYC volunteer support of the race. Several members have already volunteered support. Trustee Tim Loika has been working with Harry Dudley, Michael Asbury and Rick Rezinas in planning April’s seminars and Chili Cook-off.

Finally, anyone who has known me for a while has probably heard me say “watch the quiet ones!”. That gets a chuckle, but what I mean is that in any organization, it is easy to get distracted by the person “on the bow with the sword in his/her teeth” and miss the many people who work quietly to keep things working. From time to time I will declare, “Watch the Quiet Ones”. In that vein, how do you like our website? It underwent a considerable overhaul last year and is even more useful, informative and user friendly. Timely refinements are added based on member feedback to ensure the continued usefulness of the site. Who does that? The longstanding “Quite Ones” to recognize in this effort are Macy Galbreath and Ilona Bell. An additional “Quiet One” in this effort is one of our newer members, Bill Baratuci. Bill has lent considerable knowledge and experience in support of maintaining and improving our site.   Macy, Ilona and Bill, your efforts are appreciated.

Commodore Bruce Painter             May “Moored” always be a temporary status