2017 December Commodore Column: “Nautical Twilight!”


Our voyage together is nearly over. The sea buoy is in sight and the pilot boat awaits. But, we’re going to fetch port with a flourish, because the holiday season is here!

Cruises, parties, feasting, gifts, entertainment and good cheer are standing by. Your job is to show up and partake. Duh. Of course, being sailors, we know how to have fun, and I plan to be with you every stagger, err…step, of the way.

Jess Schefstrom, eminently qualified, will assume the conn in January, giving us all an opportunity to enjoy responsible, rather than demented, leadership. He’ll need your help and support, although perhaps not as much as I did.

Thank you for a wonderful year. We had a great time together. I was honored to serve.

“Nautical Twilight” is that brief time of day when the celestial bodies and the horizon are both visible. It is when, sextant in hand, mariners shoot the stars, plot a fix and lay down a course to their destination. It’s time to draw a new track on my chart. Smooth sailing, dear friends, and happy holidays!

           El Duano abides. Party on!                                                Commodore Duane Madinger