2017 March PTYC Commodore’s Column: “Ship’s Survey Report”

Owners and crew, it’s time to endure El Duano’s “State of the Club” assessment, conducted in accordance with all inapplicable USCG regulations and guidelines. For those about to tack, your club is shipshape and Bristol fashion. For those holding a steady course, here’s the rest of the story.

Unlike Congress, our board passed a balanced budget in 2017. It’s a doozy, with a heavy emphasis on the “fun” in funding. Our liquid assets are substantial and invested wisely. We have no debt. We own our building. We rent the land under it from the Port at a reasonable rate. The club house is due for maintenance, and we’ll kick this off in March with a piling survey.

Sailing on, the club continues to grow at a steady pace. We must be doing something right! Good people are crafting plans to deal with this expansion, so, rest assured we’ll have a true course at the next waypoint. Fleet Captain Deb planned a great year for us, but volunteers are still needed for some cruises and events. Contact her if you can help. We’ve also fleshed out the standing committees, and right now only the scholarship committee needs extra hands (hint).

I’m hoping for a big turnout this year, with lots of new faces at the gangway. You’ll be able to travel to many of our destinations by “land yacht”, so there is no need to miss the revelry. Remember, you cannot not have fun at the PTYC!

Commodore Duane Madinger    

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a boat.