2018 June Commodore’s Column

“Anything’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there…”    (Captain Ron)

You have prepared and planned and charted and dreamed now it is time to cast the dock lines and seek your boating quests. Boats only work and make sense when they are free from the bonds of dock and marinas. Between June and September PTYC has four planned cruises; The Saanich Peninsula Cruise, the Reid Harbor July 4th Cruise, the Anacortes Arts Festival Cruise and the Pleasant Harbor Cruise. Each of these are detailed nicely in this month’s Baggywrinkle. PTYC cruises are really the best way to get to know fellow members. Sharing boating experiences on the docks or aboard members’ boats is a relaxing and fun way to connect with the PTYC family. Interestingly, three of the four cruises we have scheduled this summer can be accessed also by driving. So, if you don’t have a boat and you are wondering what a “cruise” looks like, jump in your car and hook up with us.

On a somewhat connected subject, what does your summer reading list look like? If you are open to suggestions let me offer a few. Everyone knows about the Patrick O’Brian 20 book series following the travails of Captain Jack Aubrey and his ship’s surgeon friend Stephen Maturin. Spanning the turbulent years of the Napoleonic Wars, O’Brian’s books are the “gold standard” of the genre. Movie buffs will perhaps remember that the classic “Master and Commander” movie with Russell Crowe is a peek into the O’Brian world of naval action. Another high quality series are the Horatio Hornblower books by C.S. Forrester. Spanning 12 books the series, like O’Brian’s, covers the pivotal years England stood against the hated “Bonny” and the French. The O’Brian and Forrester series of books are naval historical fiction of high quality that are universally praised for their accuracy and excitement. I would also offer a third series of this genre that I have found to be the equal to O’Brian and Forrester. The author is Douglas Reeman who wrote the Richard Bolitho series of books under the pen name of Alexander Kent. Some 30 books in all, Reeman’s Bolitho is a British naval hero of the first rank. It is hard to elevate one series of books over another. However, if I was looking for a quick, fun, exciting read for a summer cruise I would bring a few of the Reeman series to keep the midnight anchor watch almost enjoyable.

Mr. Pullings . . .we will beat to quarters”

Captain Jack Aubrey, Master and Commander

Commodore Jess Schefstrom