2018 October Commodore Column

“Listen!  The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,

we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves.”

(Humbert Wolfe)

October is a magical month. The perfect conjunction of summer and winter that is ripe with beauty and promise. At PTYC, October arrives with a host of important, fun and (we fear) scary times.

The PTYC Garage Sale is on Saturday, October 13. This event is our major fundraising effort to help provide monies for our scholarship program. Opportunities to assist are many. We need help setting up, staffing during the sale and, of course, clean up after. Donations of saleable items are important and highly encouraged. Anyone wishing to assist in this effort should contact Muriel Powers or Katie Habegger or sign up online at our website www.ptyc.net . Donations of items will be accepted beginning the evening of our October 9th General Meeting.

Our annual Crab Feast is on Saturday, October 20. This delectable event is always a very popular time that has “sold out” in the past. Again, helpers are needed, and online signups are encouraged. A couple of reminders for this event is that if you wish to consume crab effectively crab crackers are desirable. Dave and Lisa McCammon will be able to tell you the best kind (wink wink). If you want to get serious about your crab intake, you will need to know that you are competing against an amazing champion crab eater. Stacy Olson will provide the finer points of crab consumption (wink wink).

The month of October will end with our Halloween Bash on Saturday, October 27. This year’s theme will be a mishmash of characters from the two movies “The Corpse Bride” and the “The Princess Bride”. If you haven’t watched these two movies I would suggest a viewing. Both are delightful. While costumes are encouraged (we will have prizes), they are not required. What is required is a limber torso for the DANCING we will be participating in.

As you can see, PTYC does not sleep when the boating season ends. Come on out and help us continue to make 2018 a memorable year.

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

(The Princess Bride)

Commodore Jess Schefstrom