2019 February Commodore Column: Rock Stars Abound

Five years ago, when we joined PTYC, I didn’t know much about the club operations or how things got done, or for that matter what things got done. It just seemed like everything worked magically. Going into my fourth year on the board, I’ve realized what it takes to make PTYC such an amazing club.

I stated in the general meeting in January, that the 2019 board are rock stars. I’m sure other Commodores have felt the same way over the years. Upon further reflection, that’s only the beginning. The hundreds of hours put into standing committees, which include advertising support and writing the Baggywrinkle, communicating with members in need, technology and website care, overseeing our investments and the amazing scholarship committee who raised nearly $10,000 to help students in their pursuit of a maritime career; not to mention all the watches, cruises and events where members give so generously of their time and all work together to keep the club running smoothly. And how cool is it to see newer members step up to fill positions that have been handled for years by longstanding members? It all seems like it’s orchestrated in perfect harmony.

Having been a musician for most of my life, I know how many hours it takes to make a performance a success and the recent Change of Watch (CoW) is a perfect example. I know the CoW committee put in hundreds of hours and it was deeply touching to experience that kind of celebration. This is just one of the many events that make our club one of the best

Looking at this through the lens of a Commodore, I see a group of members who are incredibly talented, hardworking and dedicated. Our club is comprised of people who have a love of boating and water activities. The enthusiasm shown at the planning meeting held in January, proves the diversity of activities the club offers. Whether you cruise on a 50’ boat, day sail, or enjoy Puget Sound on a kayak, the love for people, boats and the water abound. You are all rock stars!

February promises to be another amazing month for PTYC with our annual FUNdraiser for 2020 scholarships on Saturday, February 23rd (see page 15). Let’s see if we can break our record of fundraising once again. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!

Jim Pivarnik, Commodore