2019 October Commodore’s Column — Making Life Long Friends

They say an acquaintance is someone you spend time with on occasion, someone you’re getting to know, but you don’t know them that well. But a friend is someone you share a bond with. These thoughts took on new meaning for Christina and me recently. We’ve been club members for about five years. We know most of the members and we know a lot of people around town. But the last few weeks were different. Something had changed for us.

Working fulltime with crazy schedules, it’s difficult for us to participate in cruises, but when we received an invitation from Debbie and Bob Williams to travel to Pleasant Harbor with them on their beautiful yacht, we jumped at the opportunity. Seeing the fun interaction between club members (and their dogs!) in a much different environment, really demonstrated the meaning of bond.

The fleet captain works hard every year to develop interesting and entertaining destinations for club members to cruise to. This year there was a wide variety of cruises from people going to the Broughtons to Princess Louisa Inlet or just over to Kingston and back. Each one of these cruises offered a special opportunity for boaters of all skill levels to not only go out and enjoy your boat—your passion—but your fellow club members as well.

There are two more cruises this year—the South Sound Cruise in September and the December Bell Harbor Cruise to Seattle. I encourage you to participate, to really consider if you’re getting the most out of your boat and the expertise of many of our members.

One of the very special moments in Pleasant Harbor, was a dinner with 51 club members and eight past commodores. Seeing the breadth of experience and knowledge was truly inspiring. It didn’t matter if you had a 20-foot boat or a 50-foot boat, a power boat or a sailboat or drove there, we were all there to share the bond and have a good time together. Through this experience, we made many lifelong friends. The bond truly runs deep.

Christina and I are excited to return to our general membership meetings this month and to see everyone back in the clubhouse. And we’re looking forward to seeing you on the water this fall!

Jim Pivarnik, Commodore