2020 February Commodore Column: Salute to PTYC Volunteers

Only six more Saturdays until Spring!   Does that help any with the dark winter days? I’m already noticing it staying light later, and with that I can’t help but start thinking about all the events and cruising with PTYC in 2020.   But with that comes a lot of planning and volunteering to make it happen.

This seems like a good time and place to ask for volunteers. There are so many ways to help and we have so much talent in our club. Do you have a maritime topic you’d like to share? Volunteer to be a Program speaker. Do you like to cook or bake? Volunteer in the galley at one of the Watches or Events. Are you an organizer? Volunteer to be a Cruise Captain. Are you a party planner? There will be plenty of parties and events in 2020 that need planning. Are you new to the club? You don’t have to be in charge, if you’d rather you can be a helper bee in training. Wherever and however you choose to volunteer, I guarantee you will enjoy the camaraderie and feel a genuine connection with the PTYC family.

And speaking of family, Family is our Anchor was the theme of Change of Watch. Bob and I sincerely consider PTYC members to be our chosen extended family! We were feeling a Whole Lotta Love at COW. Please take a look at the Bravo Zulu column to see all the VOLUNTEERS who helped make COW happen.

With February comes our annual Scholarship FUNdraiser, this year being held on Saturday, February 22nd, with guaranteed fun and laughter. New member Maria LeCato volunteered to round-up this event, with her top-wrangler, Jane Asbury, at her side. They’re calling for all Cowboys, Cowgirls and Ranch Hands to ride with them. There will be “grub & suds” and raffle baskets and games, all while being entertained by our own “Wild Bill” Baratuci. All donations go to further the education of our local maritime trades students.

Spring is coming, the sea is waiting, parties will be planned and, this being the Eve of the 2020 Cruise & Event Planning Meeting, I just know I can say …

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go! There is Fun to be Done!”       Dr. Suess

Debbie Williams, Commodore