2020 June Commodore Column–Social Distancing . . . Our Immediate Future!

This is the time of year PTYC closes up shop, so to speak, a break from meetings in July and August, so we can all be out on the water enjoying our cruising destinations with our PTYC friends. We ARE now allowed to cruise again but, sadly, not as a club gathering in large groups on docks, holding potlucks, rafting up to other boats, or mingling over a 5 o’clock happy hour. Social distancing is still in our future for now.

What we CAN do is get out on the water individually, making our own personal decision if and when we feel ready. There is a lot of water out there for social distancing. Most Marine State Parks opened May 5th, others are waiting until May 31st, and some not until mid-June. Docks and mooring buoys can be used for day use to enjoy the marine parks and trails (practicing safe social distancing), but an overnight visit requires anchoring out.   See more information at the links below on which parks are open.

There are also many marinas that are open, or expected to open soon but, again, social distancing still applies and you may find their restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities closed.

You will find marina offices are staffed, but closed to the public with business and payment conducted over the phone. Your best bet is to call ahead to marinas to see what limitations or restrictions they have in place. Again, more info links below.

Most fuel docks are open, some require reservations, and they all require social distancing. Your best bet? Call first!

Bob and I hope to get out on Rain Shadow soon to visit one of the uninhabited islands and do some kayaking. We want to be considerate of inhabited islands during this Covid-19 time.

Your next Baggywrinkle Newsletter will come out in September, but I will keep you updated over the summer with any changes, cancellations, or news. Please feel free to contact me any time: commodoreptyc@gmail.com or rainshadow98358@gmail.com.

I’d love to hear from you. Rain Shadow and her crew, both two-legged and four-legged, would love to be a “boating buddy.”  See more about that on page 15 of this issue.

Waggoner’s offers guidance at these links:

Hope to see you on the water!  

Commodore Debbie