2020 May Commodore Column–Sound Advice: Wait and Sea!

It has not really been a hardship to “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” for the Williams family. Bob and I have worked from our home offices for many years; me, retired owner of a medical transcription service, and Bob owning a container truck brokering company. Fortunately, during this Covid-19 era Bob’s company is considered an essential business with container trucks importing and exporting produce and other food commodities. And, we’re grateful we have such a beautiful and majestic area to have to be isolated in.

What has been a hardship is being away from our family and PTYC friends. We miss you! We’ve been taking the “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” order very seriously in our household, only leaving Marrowstone Island for the necessities. We have put our bandanas from the PTYC cowboy-themed scholarship fundraiser to good use. With a few snips of the scissors and hauling out my sewing machine our cowboy bandanas have become face masks.

Our outside, fresh-air time has included walks along quiet roads of the island and gardening. Lots of gardening! We were able to snag some dahlia tubers (thanks to the Tibbals!) without leaving the island. It was nice to see Tim and Alice (of course, at appropriate social distancing) and enjoyed sitting outside visiting in their beautiful garden.

After an “essential” drive to a Port Townsend hardware store for a necessary valve to stop an unplanned gushing geyser, we discovered that PT garden stores were open. Well, this was a surprise. . . .

Game on … How many plants can you fit in a Ford Explorer? The answer is MANY. Three days later, owning very achy muscles, our landscaping is taking shape. Who knew you could get so much lawn and garden chores done when you’re not out boating! I was kind of surprised to find a garden nursery was considered an essential business, but I’m not complaining. Everyone wore face masks and appropriate precautions were taken by staff and customers. Now, if we can just get hair dressers and dog groomers back to work!

I wish I had a crystal ball to predict when our club activities might be back to normal, whatever “normal” may become. According to King5.com, “Gov. Jay Inslee said while the data on social distancing has been encouraging, he affirmed that the current stay-at-home order will stay in place, and left open the possibility it could go beyond May 4.”   We’ll just have to “wait and sea!”

The PTYC Board is staying in touch and holding regular meetings via Zoom video conferencing.   The Board is meeting again on Wednesday, May 6, at 1:30 pm, and we invite any members to join us via Zoom (https://zoom.us/). Contact me before May 6, and I’ll send an invitation with a link to join in.

Here’s a look at some boating updates:

Updated Status for Marinas, Marine Parks and Borders, from Waggoner Cruising Guide:   https://waggonerguide.com/covid-19

From Tourism Officials – Avoid Travel to the San Juans: https://q13fox.com/2020/04/15/tourism-officials-avoid-travel-to-the-san-juan-islands-even-for-day-trips/

From the Salish Sea Pilot: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/?tab=wm&ogbl#inbox/WhctKJVqtvjMDgRbGJqspFXxnnqrZJpZSRNdPLRCbMLgVzFdVGpWcjKKLLMnGdJgFnDKtBB

From Boat US: https://www.boatus.com/news-room/release/boatus-8-ways-to-love-boating-while-safely-wa?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

RBWA letter to Governor Inslee: https://rbaw.org/resources/Request%20to%20reopen%20recreational%20boating-fishing%20activities042020.pdf

Still hopeful for some cruising this summer . . .  Commodore Debbie