2021 April Commodore’s Column: My Memories . . . ~ In Dedication to Muriel Powers and Carl Sidle ~

Muriel Powers

On February 21, PTYC Member Muriel Powers passed away after a two-year-long battle against cancer.  She died at home “Surrounded by Love.”   Muriel leaves behind her husband, John.

I first met Muriel on a drizzly evening around a bonfire.  It was 2015, at our annual autumn PTYC Hadlock Bonfire “Cruise.”  Nobody really cruised there, we just gathered by car, BBQ’d burgers, huddled around the fire to stay warm, visited, and listened to the most beautful and diverse autoharp music provided by our very own talented Muriel.  I never knew rock ‘n roll could be played on an autoharp, but Muriel totally rocked it!  She played all genres of music as demonstrated on the occasions she played at our events for her many PTYC friends.

Of course, I’ll never forget the time Muriel performed on Rain Shadow to a spontaneous, standing-room-only, delighted audience of club cruisers at Bell Harbor, with Sue Sidle singing along!  Muriel, you will be missed.

The song is ended but the melody lingers on.  ~Irving Berlin

Carl Sidle

On February 28, PTYC Life Member Carl Sidle passed away peacefully at his home.  While Carl was known for flipping his famous home-made pancakes on club cruises, always having ice cream onboard Shoshonna, “working” the PTYC crab feed and pricing “guy stuff” items for the annual garage sale. I will always remember him at a certain dinner at the club.  We were sitting across the table from Carl and Sue, excitedly talking with Bill and Eileen about planning our first-ever cruise to Princess Lousia and Deslolation Sound, when Carl’s eyes lit up and he leaned in toward the conversation.  “You’re going to Princess Lousia, you say?  I’d sure like to go back up there one last time.”  Well, the rest is history … and Jack and Barb also came along.

We couldn’t have asked for more knowledgeable guides.  Carl and Sue knew all the best marinas to stay, the history of every place we stopped, they gave us tips on navigating the Malibu Rapids, and shared their “secret” coves to anchor in at Desolation Sound.  Carl commented that he had never seen so much water come over Chatterbox Falls, speculating it was due to the unsually warm, sunny spring day it was.  Just being on the Salish Sea sharing friendship, adventures and stories was the highlight of that cruise.  Oh, the stories that Shoshanna, Sunset, Sea Bee and Rain Shadow heard are memorable!     We will miss you Carl.  He leaves behind his wife, Sue.

Once more on the deck I stand, of my own swift-gliding craft: Set sail!
      Farewell to the land!  The gale blows fair abaft.  ~Epes Sargent


Commodore Debbie