2021 September Baggywrinkle Newsletter: “Coping with COVID”

What a glorious summer of cruising!  The sunshine-filled weather, the adventures, the camaraderie of fellow boaters … everything a PTYC member could ask for.  To me, the most valuable thing about cruising this summer was finally getting to know our new members.

Remember back in 2019, when life was normal and there was no such thing as Covid?  2019 was also the year we had nearly record breaking new memberships.  Unfortunately, we barely had a chance to meet everyone, let alone cruise together before this life-changing coronavirus took control.  For many new members, summer of 2021 was their first club cruising experience.    It was so rewarding to see new friendships formed while warmly welcoming our newbies into the club.

As we move into fall, this unrelenting Covid, with its even more concerning Delta variant,  continues to impact our club gatherings.  The Board recently added a special meeting last week to look at when we might return to the clubhouse.  What we determined is:  We don’t know.  We need to continue to take this month by month, following CDC and local health guidelines.

The Board also discussed our upcoming September 14th Potluck, followed by a General Meeting, to be held outside at HJ Carroll Park in Chimacum (see page 5).  The consensus is we will move forward with this, with the request that all members attending be vaccinated, or test negative in the preceding 72 hours.   Home tests are available locally and are over the counter.  Masking (when not eating or drinking) and social distancing is highly recommended.

Following these precautions, we hope to see you at our first all-member gathering since February of 2020!  Take a look in the following pages for details of the potluck.  Hope to see you there!