2022 PTYC Commodore Column: “Is it Spring, Yet?”

The Commodore’s e-mail box is the recipient of Lots of Stuff, which has to be managed on a regular basis to avoid getting overwhelmed.  I am happy to report that notwithstanding repeated requests to go into business with a multitude of foreign dignitaries and other wannabes, I have not taken the bait to realize untold riches.  LOL  However, there are other “riches” and valuable bits of information which do show up and warrant some attention.

After this recent spell of sunny, relatively dry weather,  many of us are naturally thinking about getting back onto the water.  A common rite of spring, or late winter as the case may be, is to plan out  spring work on our boats.  From cleaning to systems checks, the list is personal to each of us, but there are some core tasks that all of us should be performing, or at least thinking about. As we venture out, we want to be sure that we do so safely, and fully prepared for any number of issues or circumstances which may arise on the water.

In that regard, the Commodore’s e-mail account had a recent announcement regarding a new regulation regarding maintenance and replacement of certain types of fire extinguishers.

While this information is well worth sharing, (see Page 14), it actually gives me a nice segue to encourage you to attend our March membership meeting, which features Jared Ellars, USCG Division Commander.   The US Coast Guard Auxiliary is a volunteer arm of the USCG which focuses on supporting maritime safety and security.  I expect we all will learn about yet another resource for us to tap into to enhance our capability for safe and successful cruising, and maybe even update our spring “to do” list for getting our boats ship shape for a fun boating season.

So, mark your calendar for March 8 and catch up with some of your friends and maybe meet someone virtually via the ZOOM platform.  We are encouraged that the Covid-19 infection rates are trending in the right direction, and we have just seen that the State and County are removing indoor masking mandates on March 21.  Thus, we are cautiously optimistic that we may soon (hopefully in April) be able to gather for an in-person meeting at the clubhouse.

Meanwhile, we are sure this presentation from our local  Coast Guard Auxiliary will give us all some food for thought on vessel safety preparedness and maybe provide us with useful additions on our spring boat “To Do Lists.”                                                                                                 Commodore Jim