2022 PTYC Commodore Column: “Memories Past and Future”

Memories are an important part of our lives. Some come about inadvertently and unplanned; others are formed from conscious actions on our part to create something. In thinking this through a bit, it made me realize how membership in our club contributes to our catalog of memories.

It was a rather blustery Opening Day this year, yet we were determined to have our boat parade—if only we could figure out exactly where the Nimitz was heading.  It is surprising how an aircraft carrier can disappear from sight, around a corner, only to then show up, much larger than anticipated, fairly close to our parade route!  As expected, the carrier had its lane, and the club, our shore hugging parade route, but what a way to stage a parade, as the photo shows, and what a great memory.

On the proactive side, in addition to Opening Day, we have already had two Club cruises in the books, with more scheduled throughout the summer. For all of our cruises, there is the safety in numbers component which many of us, myself included, find reassuring as we travel to old and new locations, on the water, with Mother Nature always lurking in the background with her own set of challenges.  In any event, it is up to us to take advantage of these opportunities to get out on the water, with new and old friends and build some fun summer memories of cruising camaraderie with our fellow Club members.  Check out the remaining cruises on the website and sign up to join in with the fun.

So, on that happy note, here is to a summer of building a new set of boating memories and friendships with our Club members.  Stay safe on the water, or wherever your summer plans take you, and we look forward to finishing up our 75th Anniversary year with a flourish, when we reconvene club meetings in September.            Commodore Jim