5/19 Nautical Charts Updates

“NOAA recommends that mariners take advantage of the most recent chart updates by using the NOAA Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) for navigation in U.S. waters. ENCs provide the most up to date information, whereas paper and raster nautical chart updates may be up to one month behind the corresponding ENC coverage. Over the next few years, mariners will see continued improvement in the extent and detail of ENC coverage, while there will be a reduction in RNC and paper chart coverage and service.  ENCs will include routine changes between editions that are not published through notices to mariners. One significant change to the RNC and paper charts will be the removal of controlling (minimum) depth information from many maintained channels. Controlling channel depths will still be provided on ENCs.  Comments or concerns can be addressed through ASSIST, NOAA’s Nautical Inquiry and Comment System at https://www.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/customer-service/assist/.”

5/19 Info provided by Pete Leenhous