2018 PTYC Marine Trade Related Scholarships—Application process is closed.

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The Port Townsend Yacht Club Application Process for 2018 Marine Scholarships is closed.

Scholarships will be awarded to individual students for study in a maritime educational program or college. Approved fields include, but are not limited to: marine biology, fisheries, ship and/or boat building and repair, ship operations such as officer training, and other marine fields. Qualifying programs for scholarship include, but are not limited to: community, state and university colleges, Wooden Boat Foundation, Marine Science Center and the Wooden Boat School. Awards will be made to the educational program or school to be used by the student.

The amount of individual scholarship awards depends on how many scholarship applications are received that meet the criteria. The average scholarship range is from $1,000 for an individual applicant.

For further information contact: Scholarships@ptyc.net

The application was due on or before January 22, 2018

 2018 Scholarship Application Form