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2021 November Commodore’s Column: “Volunteers = Fun Cruises & Events”

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Participants showed a great deal of enthusiasm at the recent 2022 Event & Cruise Planning Session led by Fleet Captain Alice Tibbals.  Whether you enjoy shorter cruises or longer cruises, destinations north or south, east or west, there is something for you.  We are also putting clubhouse and other events back on the calendar.  Some indoor events may need to be tweaked to accommodate Covid mandates, but we’re going to give it our best, while staying healthy too.

These cruises and events will not happen without captains and co-captains, so please consider volunteering. There are still details to be worked out on some of the longer flex cruises, so jump in and be part of that planning.  Contact Fleet Captain Alice to help with cruises, and Commodore Debbie for events.  The captains for cruises need to be filled right away so reservations can be made at marinas to accommodate PTYC cruisers.  You’ll find the 2022 lineup in the following pages to see where help is still needed.  Let’s make these events and cruises happen by volunteering!

  • Benefits of volunteering:
  • Make new friends
  • Support your fellow PTYC club members
  • Builds camaraderie
  • Make a difference
  • Builds a sense of achievement
  • Provides a sense of purpose
  • Stay mentally and physically active

Have fun!

I see a fun-filled year ahead for PTYC.

Commodore Debbie


2021 October Baggywrinkle Newsletter: “Find Your Spirit Power”

Now that boating season is coming to an end, we should find other outdoor activities to keep us healthy, safe, and sane in these crazy pandemic times.  Our son and daughter-in-law, Braden and Lisa, who live in the Portland area, were up visiting over Labor Day Weekend.   Braden asked if we’d ever been on the hike to Tamanowas Rock Sanctuary, in Chimacum.  I had never even heard of it.  After a quick Google search, we knew we had to explore.

The Sanctuary has a lot of history to the S’Klallam people and is considered a sacred place.  Even to this day the S’Klallam people make offerings and prayers of thanks when they visit.  Tamanowas means “spirit power” in their native language and in ancient times they went there to discover their guardian spirit.  Some claimed to find their “spirit animal.”  (I told Braden and Lisa that I already knew that if I had a spirit animal it would be an Orca.)  Tamanowas Rock was also used as a mastodon hunting lookout and considered a place of refuge during floods and tsunamis.

We found the very small parking lot off Anderson Lake Road, parked, and began our ascent.  The trails took us through fir trees, alder, big leaf maple, madrona and cedar.  The autumn colors were just barely beginning to reveal their glory.  We were so enthralled with the beauty, we missed the trail to the Rock and found ourselves high above Chimicum Valley with breathtaking views of the valley and sea.  I’m glad we missed the turn, because this was not to be missed either.  On our descent we found the correct trail and after a short walk through a pathway of lush ferns, Tamanowas Rock rose up from the forest like a magnificent natural cathedral.  It is an immense monolith with caves, crevices and cliffs, formed 43 million years ago.   In the quiet, almost eerie, but majestic surroundings Braden, Lisa and I could feel the “spirit power” of nature itself.

I’d highly recommend this short hike.  The fall colors should be even more spectacular now.  Take in the beauty of Tamanowas Rock Sancuary and find your spirit power.   The hike became even more special to come home to a pod of Orcas swimming by our home off the bluff of Marrowstone Island (confirming my spirit animal?).

                                                                                                                     Commodore Debbie



2021 September Baggywrinkle Newsletter: “Coping with COVID”

What a glorious summer of cruising!  The sunshine-filled weather, the adventures, the camaraderie of fellow boaters … everything a PTYC member could ask for.  To me, the most valuable thing about cruising this summer was finally getting to know our new members.

Remember back in 2019, when life was normal and there was no such thing as Covid?  2019 was also the year we had nearly record breaking new memberships.  Unfortunately, we barely had a chance to meet everyone, let alone cruise together before this life-changing coronavirus took control.  For many new members, summer of 2021 was their first club cruising experience.    It was so rewarding to see new friendships formed while warmly welcoming our newbies into the club.

As we move into fall, this unrelenting Covid, with its even more concerning Delta variant,  continues to impact our club gatherings.  The Board recently added a special meeting last week to look at when we might return to the clubhouse.  What we determined is:  We don’t know.  We need to continue to take this month by month, following CDC and local health guidelines.

The Board also discussed our upcoming September 14th Potluck, followed by a General Meeting, to be held outside at HJ Carroll Park in Chimacum (see page 5).  The consensus is we will move forward with this, with the request that all members attending be vaccinated, or test negative in the preceding 72 hours.   Home tests are available locally and are over the counter.  Masking (when not eating or drinking) and social distancing is highly recommended.

Following these precautions, we hope to see you at our first all-member gathering since February of 2020!  Take a look in the following pages for details of the potluck.  Hope to see you there!