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2022 Scholarship Applications Due by February 7th! — Less Than 2 Weeks to Apply!

2022 PTYC Scholarship Applications Now Open

PTYC  awards scholarships to local community members interested in pursuing careers in the fields of Marine Trades, Marine Sciences, Marine Systems and Boatbuilding.

2022   PTYC Scholarship Application (PDF)

2022 PTYC Scholarship Application (MS WORD)

Applications deadline:  February 7, 2022

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2020 December Commodore Column: “Home for the Holidays!”

“Home for the holidays” brings to mind images of our family and friends gathering together, sharing feasts, giving thanks, and celebrating with our own unique traditions.  As a child, I remember special days at grandma and grandpa’s house with cousins, aunts and uncles.  As a young adult, home for the holidays meant my parents’ house, the hustle and bustle of meal preparations, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and football games on the TV. Now, in my senior years, it means our kids arriving home, bringing their own kids, to honor old traditions and make new ones.

This year, “Home for the holidays,” has a new meaning– staying home and staying safe.  We can find creative ways to stay connected to our loved ones and put a fresh spin on our beloved traditions- that could be sharing a slice of pie over Zoom, making sure the Menorah shines in the window for others to see or putting a stocking stuffed with toys in the mail. As we look to ring in the new year and the prospect of a vaccine glimmers on the horizon, we can choose to focus on staying healthy and keeping everyone safe. While not something we can wrap in paper or put under a tree, these are real and true gifts. Continue reading

2020 November Commodore Column: Adjusting Our Sails

Any seasoned sailor will tell you, that no matter the course plotted or what the expected weather report may be, there comes a time where you may need to adjust the sails to accommodate a shift in the winds.

After attending Fleet Captain Elizabeth’s Zoom Cruise Planning session on October 10th, I’m excited and ready to sign up for ALL of the cruises planned.  Pivoting our Cruise Planning to the fall allows more opportunities for locations and successfully getting reservations for the dates we wish.

Your health safety was an important factor while planning these cruises (besides having fun, of course).  We will abide by whatever the CDC guidelines and recommendations are at the time of each cruise.  Since the future of large gatherings is still unknown for 2021, we will not plan any large potlucks that PTYC typically funded on our past cruises.  Instead, we will call the 2021 cruising year, “Organized Buddy Boating with our PTYC Friends.”  Your Buddy Boating Organizer will make the reservations and plan the activities.  Continue reading