PTYC Cruising Cookbook

Ahoy PTYC Members!

Here’s a perfect opportunity to share your favorite boating or RV recipes and helpful hints for “Cooking On-the-Go.”

Members Beth Burson, Sue McKay and Sandi Rezinas are creating a PTYC Cookbook in response to frequently asked questions about cooking aboard.  Below are links to the Informational Flyer.  They also created a basic, formatted submission form in MS Word for your convenience.  If you don’t have MS Word, open and print the PDF version and complete manually, then scan it in to send electronically.

Additionally, your recipes can be turned in at the monthly meetings–just look for the big Recipes envelope on the table.

Thanks for making boating more “deliciously” fun!

PTYC Cookbook Committee

PTYC Galley Grub Announcement

PTYC Recipe Template MS Word

PTYC Recipe Template PDF20150314_160241