February 2011 Commodore’s Column


Avast ye swabs and swabettes;


The traditional transfer of leadership for the Club went off without a hitch at the Change  of  Watch dinner/ceremony last Saturday night. Super Wow! are the words that come to mind in describing what, without a doubt, was the Port Townsend Gala event of the season! Complete with props from the Port Townsend Film Festival, the Rose Theater, private collections of authentic movie memorabilia and a HUGH poster of yours truly, the Change of Watch for 2011 was an extravaganza of epic proportion. Whew! My profound thanks to the many Club members who helped arrange and execute the most extraordinary Change of Watch ever!

In attending their final official function, the 2010 Board of the Port Townsend Yacht Club completed an exceptional year of conducting the business required to make our Club run smoothly. Please join with me in saluting their untiring efforts: Commodore Barb Hager; Vice Commodore (me); Rear Commodore Rick Rezinas; Fleet Captain Galen Peterson; Secretaries Judi Edwards, Katherine Buchanan, Ilona Bell; Treasurer Zoe Ann Dudley (and Harry); Trustee Karen Bolemker; Trustee David Weeding; and Past Commodore Harry Dudley. Our thanks to you all for your generous efforts and hard work. THANK  YOU!

As part of the Change of Watch , of course, the 2011 Board was installed. Our new Board includes: Commodore (Oh Exalted One); Vice Commodore VinceVerneuil; Rear Commodore Rick Rezinas (welcome back); Fleet Captain Jim Quandt; Secretary Rayma Mery; Treasurer Penny Jensen; Trustee Karen Bolemker (welcome back); and, Trustee Alan Lapat. My thanks to all the members of the 2011 Board and I very much look forward to working together in the coming year.

I am truly excited about our forthcoming cruising season; may we have fair winds and calm seas (a little sunshine would be nice too!). Our 2011 Cruising Season Workshop, held on Wednesday, January 5th, was very well attended and together we came up with strong lists of programs, cruises, socials and training.

All of these activities are currently under development/scheduling and if you would like to pitch in and help please give me call.

A sign-up list for Monthly Watches will be forthcoming via e-mail, as will a list of current Committee membership. Both Watches and Committees are crucial to our on-going operations so please carefully consider actively participating.  Helping out on Watches, Committees and Cruises is really a lot of fun and an important part of membership. For any questions, please call/e-mail me—437-5151 or  kavabell@olyridge.net.

Just a reminder to all members to pull-up the new Club website (ptcy.net) often as I will be adding Club related News items from time to time. I hope to save a little time at our monthly business meetings by making general informational announcements on the website. Of course, anything critical to members will be more formally announced .

Finally, and with great fanfare (drum roll here) for the first time ever in the history of the world, I formally announce the PORT TOWNSEND YACHT CLUB “SEA-WORD CHALLENGE”.

This will be a test of your “sea” related literary knowledge. At the end of each monthly Commodore Column I will test you with an excerpt from a poem, book, movie, song, etc. related to the sea. At the close of the following General Business Meeting I will announce the answer. This is just for fun so let’s give it shot!

For February, we’ll start with a really easy one. For the following excerpt, do you know the poets name? Do you know the title of the poem? For extra credit, do you know the name of the book within which the poem appears?  Good luck!

“I must go down the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,

And the wheel’s kick and wind’s song and white sail’s shaking,

And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.”


That’s it for this column; until next month, “may the wind be at our backs.”

                                                                                                    Fred Bell, Commodore