February Comodore’s Column

WOW ! ! ! What a great start to the new year with the celebration of the Change of Watch. If you missed it, I am sorry. Fred and Ilona Bell were the leads in putting it on and deserve a big Thank You. It was a celebration of Fred’s grand year and Ilona had a Power Point slide show bring back wonderful memories of all our events. Thanks, Fred, for leading us through another great year. Everyone should go to the web site and spend time watching 2011 pass by. It is really great. Helping Fred and Ilona Bell, were Gary and Cindy Walsh, Carl and Sue Sidle, Dale and Susie Pool Moses, Sandi Rezinas and Mary Ann Verneuil. Thanks goes to Bill Bloemker for stepping in as MC. It looked like Bill, but sounded a little different than I remembered.

In my presentation at the Change of Watch, I set the course as “Steady as She Goes,” trying to continue our good times for the past 63 years. I would like to ask everyone to “Join in the Fun” by joining our committees or participating in the watch service. Our members are some of the greatest people around and once you get to know them, they are fun people.

The cruise trips are still one of the best means to get to know your fellow members. I would like to encourage everyone to join in a number of cruises to really get the benefits of Club membership. This year we have a number of local cruises that you can drive to, if you cannot take your boat or hitch a ride with someone.

We should also thank Cathy and Alan Lapat, Dale and Susie Poole Moses, Beth and Joe Burson and Craig Kurath for being on watch for the January meeting. Thanks, Bill Rothert, for your program informing us on Submarines so we are ready for the tour in February. We will try not to embarrass you.

I look forward to seeing you at our regular meeting on February 14, where the 2012 Budget will be presented. Let’s have Fun!

Vince Verneuil, Commodore