March 2011 Commodore’s Column

Ahoy Fellow Wayfarers;

Deep winter is fading slowly as the earliest signs of spring are beginning to appear. The 2011 cruising season is just around the corner so its time to start planning your springtime boat clean-up/tune-up. Speaking of clean-up, our local pigeon flock has discovered Roundabout’s fly bridge as a cozy roost. Anyone have a good recipe for pigeon pie?

The Watch for our February General Meeting delivered a delicious spread of homemade deserts and treats enjoyed by everyone; our thanks to Carl and Sue Sidle, and Mike and Barb Soskin. Mr. Bob Wise, the new owner of the Hadlock Marina, and Tod Hornick, the new Hadlock Marina Harbor Master, presented their long range plans for the Marina. Many members of the Club moor at Hadlock so Mr. Wise presentation was of keen interest. I believe everyone was encouraged by the stated commitment for a well maintained and managed facility.

Our very own Carlyn Stark will be presenting a brief oral sojourn though her fascinating lifetime of boating experiences at the March General Meeting. Carlyn is a dynamic speaker and her presentation is not to be missed; trust me!

The 2011 Roster is nearing completion and members will be notified when available. Expanding upon the “What’s Happening” section of the Roster, our Website now includes a “PTCY Monthly Event Calendar”. This new link includes a complete listing of all Club related events by date, by month. A quick glance and you can see everything scheduled so far throughout the year. Being part of the Website, the calendar is easily amended and updated, so it is always current. Please note the “TBA” items on the calendar are unassigned/unfilled. If you spot a Watch or Social etc. that you would like to help with, just give me call! 

Meetings, cruises and social events are stacking up so get ready for a fun boating season. Our March social features a festive dinner at Pedro’s Fiesta Jalisco; sign-up at the March General Meeting. 

Finally, we continue with our infamous “Sea-Word” Challenge. Last month was fun as we contemplated the moody, inspiring words of John Masfield in this famous “Sea Fever” poem.

This month we will consider an except from a contemporary ballad about a famous shipwreck. What is name of song? Who wrote it? Good Luck!

Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours

The searchers all say she’d have made Whitefish Bay had she put fifteen more miles behind her

She might have split-up, she might have capsized, she may have drove deep and took water

But all that remains are the faces and names of the wives and sons and the daughters.

That all for now, see ya all at the March General Meeting.

                                                                                                   Fred Bell, Commodore