May Commodore’s Column

Ahoy PTYC Members!

Spring comes slowly to the verdant Pacific Northwest; but in time, the chill dampness, rain and fog gives way to warmth and sunshine and the world, and the human spirit, are renewed. The natural beauty of the Salish Sea environs is absolutely world class and we mere humans are so lucky to live here and share in its bounty. Club member Sue Sidle passed along an anonymous poem she picked some thirty years ago that, I believe, expresses our love of the region in a joyous way.

                                    Puget Sound
As happy as a butter clam when tides are high I sing
A grateful Ode to Puget Sound the land of everything.
I love it from Tulalip to Puyallup, Sequim and Pysht
And to the Dosewallips where so many times I’ve fished.
From Brinnon to the Bogachiel, from Lummi to La Push,
And from the lordly Sol Duc to the lovely Duckabush,
From the Samish to Sammamish, from Suquamish to Quilcene,
The climate is so friendly, it’s a land that’s evergreen.
There’s peace on the Skokomish, on the Queets and on the Hoh,
There’s calm on the Nisqually born of ageless ice and snow,
A land that nature loves so much she stays the whole year round.
I’d trade a Royal Palace for a shack on Puget Sound.
There’s the Chimacum and Steilacoom where spouts the geoduck.
The singing Stillaguamish and the swirling Skookumchuck,
And the Moclips and Copalis where the razor clams abound.
A little bit of heaven is a shack on Puget Sound.

A special salute to the Watch for our April General Meeting where delicious desserts shared space with a spread of seafood appetizers generously offered by Mystery Bay Seafood Company. My thanks to Watch members Bill Rothert and Macy Galbreath, Jac Mang and Corine de Boer, Mary Grace Swift and Bob Steele and Craig Kurath for their hard work. A special thanks to Leonard Johnson for the delightful offerings from Mystery Bay Catering.

Our thanks to Sara Spaeth of the Jefferson Land Trust and Rebecca Benjamin of the North Olympic Salmon Coalition for bringing us up to date on the status of Chimacum Creek and Discovery Bay restoration projects. Such projects are vital to the overall health of our region and to ensure that future generations may experience the bounty of the region as we do.

Our membership drive if off to a fantastic start as the Club inducted ten new families at the April meeting (see page 10). Our drive will continue at least through September.  If any interested boaters out there would like more information, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the Membership Drive Page in the right side-bar on our website

Our annual Shake-down Cruise and Mystery Bay/Earth day was harassed by unsettled weather but the bulk of the cleanup was accomplished. Our thanks to members who toughed-out the weather and a special thanks to Chelcie Liu for overall organization.  Thanks to Cruise Captains Jim and Char Quandt and Alan & Cathy Lapat for the good time had by all.

 May is a very busy month for the Club including: Open Boat at Boat Haven on May 1 (contact Mori Whitney, Katherine Buchannan); Board Meeting May 4; Opening Day breakfast May 7 (contact Barb Hager); Opening Day boat parade May 7 (contact Jim Quant); Opening Day clam boil (at Mystery Bay contact Dick and Carol Smith); General Meeting May 10; Rhody Parade May  21 (contact Rayma Mery); WHEW!

 Finally, and with great fanfare, we continue with our “Sea-Word” challenge. You guys did great last month on the “Wind in the Willows” quote but were maybe a little thin on the authors name (I had to look it up!). This month we extract lyrics from a contemporary tune about running away to sea to escape a failed relationship. What is the name of the song and what band performed it? Have fun!

Got out of town on a boat go’in southern islands

Sailing a reach before a following sea

She was making for the trades on the outside

On the downhill run to Popehe Bay


Off the wind on this heavy line to the Marques

We got eighty-feet on the waterline

Nice to be mak’in way

In a noisy bar in Avalon I tried to call you

But on a midnight watch I realized why twice you ran away


That’s it for now, see you at our many May events!

 Fred Bell, Commodore