How To Join

For 2022:  dues are $250 per year and one-time initiation fee is $250.

Step 1: (can be in any order)
• Applicant(s) must attend a club event or meeting
• Applicant(s) sends completed application with dues and initiation fee to Treasurer.
• Applicant(s) please provide a digital photo(s) in jpg or png format.

Step 2:
• Treasurer notifies Vice Commodore of application and emails a copy
• Vice Commodore emails a copy of the application to the Membership Committee

Step 3:
• Member of the Membership Committee interviews applicant(s) in person or by phone
• Membership Committee receives interview and approves sending to membership
• A summary of the interview is sent to the membership to introduce the applicant(s)
• Membership has 7 days for questions and comment

Step 4:
• After 7 days, the Vice Commodore forwards applicants to the Board for a vote of approval
• After vote, the Secretary sends a welcome letter and membership cards

Membership application below includes information on dues and initiation fee.  For further information contact:

Membership-Application (MS Word)

Membership-Application (PDF)