NEWS FLASH — PTYC is “Cooking Up a Storm”

Ahoy PTYC Members!

PTYC is ‘stirring the pot’ once again, with members Beth Burson, Sue McKay and Sandi Rezinas ‘turning up the heat’ in creating our very own Cookbook.

They are seeking a collection of simple recipes for tasty fare while at sea.  And what better resource could there be for this ‘savory’ endeavor, than the best, tried-and-true recipes from the hearty swabs of the Port Townsend Yacht Club. Who knows . . . This just might be your first real success at being published!

To ‘wrap things up,’ here is the ‘link’ to ‘get you cooking’:

PTYC Cookbook Page

Until we ‘eat’ again: ready . . . set . . . ‘start your burners and ovens’