September 2011 Commodore’s Column

 Ahoy PTYC Members!

The passing of the summertime hiatus for publishing the Baggywrinkle brings us ever closer to another turn of the seasons, except that, I am still waiting for winter to turn to summer (never mind about spring). Just a few days ago I woke up to a foggy morning and it was 53 degrees outside, 53 DEGREES! Ok, ok to be fair we did see 70 degrees one afternoon but that was two weeks ago last Thursday! And it was only one day! I expect the ice sheets to begin weeping out of Canada any day now. I know I shouldn’t complain but just a little heat would be nice!

 June, July and August have been busy with Club cruises, socials and programs including: fantastic cruises to Pleasant Harbor (Cruise Captains Sue and Carl Sidle); Telegraph Harbor (Cruise Captains Bill Rothert and Macy Galbreath and Vince and Mary Ann Verneuil); and, a festive 4th of July cruise to Reid Harbor (Mike and Barb Soskin and Ken and Ila Mikkelsen). Thank you cruise captains all!  Member camaraderie and shared events were excellent; even the weather was near perfect so, you see, I have little to complain about after all. 

 A special thank you and salute to all the members who helped setup the June Soup and Salad Potluck, the July Pizza Party and August Potluck.  A special thank you is in order for our June Meeting speaker, Commander Martin, providing an overview of the Indian Island Magazine mission and to Ed Jennerich, RBAW President (Recreational Boating Association of Washington, for his update on boating related legislative issues at the July gathering.  July activities also included dinner at El Serape Mexican Restaurant.        Also, a special salute to Club members Dave Weeding and Galen Peterson for their August presentation of their famous “Round Vancouver Island” cruise. My profound thanks to all who attended these PTYC events. 

Upcoming events include the Commodore Crush (not to be confused with Dionysian bacchanalia ((although it could devolve to that if we get lucky)) August 25. (This gathering is open to all members without reservation; call me if you have questions). The Gig Harbor Cruise (details on Page 4) runs from Sunday-Wednesday, August 28 through 31 and reservations are needed. (For questions on this Cruise please contact our Fleet Captain Jim Quandt). The next Board meeting is scheduled for September 7 at the Clubhouse with our regular meeting scheduled for 7:00PM on Tuesday September 13, 2011.

Our membership drive will continue so if any interested boaters out there would like more information, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the Membership Drive Page in the right side-bar on our website –

 And finally, we continue with our “Sea-Word” challenge. Last month many members quickly figured out Moby Dick as the source for our challenge. This month we consider the content of an epic poem considered fundamental to the modern western canon composed in the eighth century BC. Instead of trying to identify the work through quotation, we will focus on one its principal themes.

 The theme of temptation, as a psychological peril, is portrayed by the …?… who lure sailors to their deaths by seduction. They represent the ideal audience—they sing about the most glorious moment of your life, thus tempting you to stay the hero or warrior they are portraying you as.

Your own weakness makes you vulnerable, your greatest weakness comes from inside you.

Whom are these temptresses?  Whom, in the poem, are they trying to temp? What is the name of this epic poem and Who wrote it?

 That’s it for now and good luck!             

                                                                  Fred Bell, Commodore