2014 April Commodore’s Column: Cruising into Spring


It is a pleasure to have Weight Watchers as a new renter for the clubhouse.  They are a good fit for us.  As mentioned before, they will be using the club on Monday evenings from 4:00-7:00 pm and on Wednesday mornings from 8:00-11:00 am year round.  These are low usage times for us and will provide a nice rental income to help support club maintenance and upgrades.  Please try to avoid coming into the club during those times.  If you must, do so quietly and respect their privacy and right to be there.  Let’s make sure they feel a warm welcome.

Thanks to Ilona, we have also added four new advertisers.  I encourage you to look over our list of advertisers in the Baggywrinkle and on our website.  Remember to use their services when you need something and to mention that you saw that they were a PTYC advertiser. We depend on rentals and advertising to augment our dues and keep our club vibrant.  You can help by encouraging friends, businesses, and organizations to rent the building and keep us in mind when they want to advertise.


One of the time honored maritime traditions is the Blessing of the Fleet that began centuries ago in Mediterranean fishing communities and was meant to ensure a safe and bountiful season.  We will be celebrating Opening Day of Boating with our own Blessing of the Fleet on May 3rd and inviting the boating community to join in the celebration.  This is a heads up for PTYC members so that we see everyone on a boat and out on the water that day.  Your participation is what makes it special.

Bruce just recently sent out the Opening Day schedule, and more detailed information will be coming via the list-serve.  I want to highlight some of the fun events.  It always starts with food!  Breakfast will be at the clubhouse at 9:00 am prepared and served by members.  Past Commodores are always invited and introduced, and we have the flag ceremony ably handled by the Sea Scouts.

The parade forms outside Boat Haven and commences after the 12:30PM ferry and heads up the waterfront to pass between the NW Maritime Center dock and the Commodore’s boat, LADY, which will be anchored out.  Flags, water pistols, banners, horns are all part of the celebration!  We have invited members of various boating groups to join the parade.  You don’t want to miss out on the fun, and, yes, milling around before the parade is part of the fun.  Be sure to bring some munchies for yourself and your crew.  All the boats will gather around LADY at the end of the Parade for the Blessing of the Fleet as we head off for a summer of safe sailing and cruising.

New this year will be a cruise into the south end of Boat Haven where we will be tied up together.  The clubhouse will also be open from 2:00 – 4:00 so that we can meet some of the other boaters who participate in the parade and others who might be interested in membership.  We want to show them real PTYC Opening Day hospitality!

At 4:00 members will gather down at the boats (weather permitting) for happy hour followed by Ivars Clam Chowder and potluck.  So it ends with food, as well.  I encourage you to put May 3 Opening Day and the Blessing of the Fleet on your calendar, plan to have your boat in the parade, and celebrate with our maritime community.


Be sure to look at the April schedule!  We have lots going on: our Chili Cook-off before the General Meeting on the 8th; Clubhouse Clean-Up on the 10th in preparation for Opening Day; Earth Day Clean-Up at Mystery Bay on the 23rd; and Open Boat at Port Ludlow on the 27th.

Looking forward to seeing you at these events –   Tug on…  Macy Galbreath, 2014 Commodore


2014 March Commodore’s Column

Macy 6

It is hard to believe that we are already starting to talk about cruising, but it is happening!  Just a week or so ago you were sent the 2014 cruising schedule.  Bruce and Kathy Painter and their crew have put together a great list of cruises – both long and short, local and into Canada, with new destinations and old favorites.  Many offer the opportunity to come either by boat or car, and offer the best way to get to know fellow members in a small group setting.   The walks, hikes, dock sitting, games, happy hours, and mealtimes are great fun and the perfect social time.  So there is every reason to participate in a cruise – and we look forward to seeing you.

Bill and I plan to go on every one that we can.  LADY is hauled out right now getting the boat deck fiberglassed plus some warranty work, so we will be out of the water for the St. Patrick’s Day Cruise to Port Ludlow this month, but we will drive over for the dinner at Jess and Mary Schefstrom’s home.

We hope to be back in the water and ready to greet the fleet on Opening Day, Saturday, May 3rd.  In late June we are leading a leisurely cruise to Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island, BC with Sue McKay and Paul Happel (see p. 12).  The timing allows sailboats to keep pace with the faster power boats.  That cruise will end in time for boats to return to Reid Harbor for July 4th.   However, Bill and I will continue heading north for several weeks to Desolation Sound and perhaps the Broughtons.  Unfortunately, we will again miss the Independence Day festivities.  We will also miss the September cruises while we are in England for two weeks on a canal boat.  We are planning on Bell Harbor in December, one of our favorite cruises — especially in good weather!  It is tough to do everything, but we will try for most.

The club is going to break with tradition on Opening Day this year.  Instead of cruising to Mystery Bay after the boat parade, the cruise is to Boat Haven.  I know it sounds like heresy, but it makes lots of sense to give it a try considering 68% of the boats in our fleet are not in Port Townsend.  Of the 63 boats (33 power and 30 sail) 20 are in Boat Haven, 18 in Port Hadlock, 11 in Port Ludlow, 6 in Cape George/Sequim, and 8 out of area. 

Cruising into Boat Haven allows those coming in for the Parade, especially sailboats, to stay overnight.  We think   it might encourage more participation in both the Parade and cruise because it puts the Clubhouse at the center of the festivities and allows us a place for a chowder feast and potluck — especially if the weather does not cooperate.  It will be a fun experiment.

New members often ask how our cruises operate.  Each cruise captain can organize his/her cruise as he/she  wants, but usually follows a certain pattern.  Reservations are made for the group and a schedule is set up for potlucks, happy hours, breakfasts, games, etc.  Individual members are then responsible for letting the Cruise Captain know that you want to participate.  Once you are signed up you will be in the loop of emails and information regarding that cruise.  The club puts $100 toward each cruise.  It sometimes goes to reserve the moorage.  For example, we paid Bell Harbor $5 for each slip reserved for December.  Other times it goes for prizes, special treats – whatever seems appropriate.  Cruisers need to pay their own moorage and provide potluck items if they plan to participate in that particular meal.  The two Canadian cruises will give us the opportunity to gather for some     pre-cruise planning.  Bruce and Kathy will meet with   those going to Victoria.  The Telegraph Harbour captains will plan sometime before that cruise.  We will talk about charts, routes, go-no go decisions, and things to know about going into Canada.

I encourage you to look over the Cruising Schedule Bruce sent you and is now published in the Baggywrinkle, on the website, and in the Roster; and make plans to go on one  of the cruises.  It will be great fun.

Hope to see you at the March meeting.  I know you will enjoy PTYC Member Darren O’Brien’s presentation of some of his and Lisa’s videos on the Washington State Marine Parks.  I have seen a few and they are great.

Tug on…  Macy Galbreath, 2014 Commodore


November Commodore’s Column

Our October meeting was a very good one—well attended, and the soups and salads were delicious. The speaker from Puget Sound Pilots was very informative. Our thanks go out to the Watch: Dave and Mary Weeding, Sandy and Dick Curtis and Susie and Dale Moses.

Our good weather did not continue for the Chili Cook-off, but we had a good time anyhow. Thanks to Cruise Captains: Beth and Joe Burson and Carl and Sue Sidle.

As I write this the garage sale is collecting a lot of “stuff”. I hope there are people that will spend some money because our scholarship fund needs it. Kudos goes out to Ilona Bell who stepped up as Chairman, when Linda Newland became ill, and all our members who helped out with the set up, pricing and sale day. Also thanks go out to all that brought items for the team to sell.

About the time you get this BW the Crab Feed is happening. Thanks Barb and Paul Hager for making this happen.

By this time you should have also received Rick’s email about the Nominating Committee Slate of Officers for next year. Please plan to attend our November Annual Meeting on November 13, where we will elect our leaders for next year. If you feel like we overlooked you and you would like to serve in one of these positions, you can put your name up at the meeting and run against the nominating committee person.

Don’t forget our delicious annual Crab Feast on Saturday, November 3rd, with a sign-up deadline by October 31.
Happy Harvest!

Vince Verneuil, Commodore

Volunteers Needed for Sea Scout “Solings” Restoration

Kim Aldrich, the Sea Scout leader, gave a talk to the Port Townsend Yacht Club in April of 2009, telling us about the Solings and how they needed to be brought from Port Ludlow to Port Hadlock. These 2 boats had been donated but were in desperate need of some re-rigging, painting, new deck hardware and TLC. I volunteered to motor them around and in May, got them to their mooring off of Hadlock Marina. The 2 boats were moored side by side on one mooring ball.

Sadly, not too long after that, a storm came along and the boats banged against each other after the fenders fell off. This ripped the hull-deck joint apart and smashed 6’ of deck plus left deep gouges and scratches on the topsides. The rigs also banged a bit causing more damage. They were hauled at the Hudson Point Marina and were looking pretty sad. I thought “What the Hell, I can fix this” and prepared to do the work myself with the kids looking on. As it turned out, I was happily mistaken. I lead a team of enthusiastic Sea Scouts doing all of the structural repairs in two long days of grinding and fiberglassing with the kids doing most of the work. It was awesome! Three kids in particular stood out and were inspirational to me. Though structurally fixed, it left the boats far from being cosmetically ready to get rigged and soon it became clear that working weekends at Point Hudson Marina was not going to work in the long term. I offered to let the boats be moved to the back of my shop where we could do more work on them. This allowed me to do work on them when I had the chance and it would get the boats closer to my tools saving time and increasing the volume of work I could do to them.

Unfortunately, the 3 young men that helped so much with the structural repairs were soon too old to be scouts leaving the final repairs to younger and less experienced Scouts. We also found it hard to regularly get long hours on the boats so mostly the kids were doing a few hours 1-2 days a month and progressed slowed to a crawl but we did get the thousands of blisters on the bottom ground out, filled and faired plus grinding the keel to bare metal and priming that.

Finally this Fall after 3 years in my back yard, I decided that if at least one were to be completed by next year, it would have to be painted now while we had the nice weather and that I would have to put in a LOT of hours independent of the kids. I ended up grinding off the old topside enamel (4 different colors of various ages!), deck non-skid paint then sanding the topsides and spraying high build epoxy primer, getting her ready for high gloss Linear PolyUrethane (LPU) 2 part Urethane enamel. I was fortunate to get this as a donation from a friend I have in the paint industry since the 4 gallons of color plus activator and reducer was worth around $1000!

As of last week, I sprayed the gloss then applied non-skid to the deck and it came out great! I got the kids and one Dad out the next weekend and the topside primer was sanded so now the topsides are ready for first the white (for the boot top and cove stripes), then a beautiful “Ford blue” after masking over the white for the stripes. I expect the first boat, “Celeste”, to be painted this week and ready to start attaching deck hardware by the end of the month. We may need some help there but what I really hope to achieve is to get a core group of volunteers that can help us with the second boat, “Diablo”, the orange/red boat in the photos. She still has the 6’ sheer repair to be ground flush, puttied and faired but she will require a lot less work than Celeste. She has only a bit more work than I completed on Celeste since this Fall so I hope to get her painted next Summer and sailing by the Fall but we will need some help.

What I am hoping to do is get a group of folks that wouldn’t object to getting called when we start work next Spring or maybe late Winter to sandblast and prime the keel, sand and prime the deck and topsides then help rig the boats.
And hey, if somebody wanted to help by buying deck gear and such, that would be awesome!

Any help would be appreciated and it is after all for the kids. A little help here can make a big difference to kids’ lives down the road and will ultimately help our sport if we can “turn on” the kids to boating. So if you have a little time and want to help kids and our sport, let me know. We can always use a hand. These are great kids and could use a little help.

Dan Newland, President
Pegasus Aeromarine Inc.
420 Skywater Dr.
Port Hadlock, Wa. 98339
(360) 437 9360

October Commodore Column

It is amazing how time flies here in the Great Northwest. We just returned from a great South Sound cruise and were blessed with great weather the whole way.  Thank you Sidle’s and Bloemker’s for all your work in planning and shepherding this cruise.

Thanks go out to our September watch Crew headed by Chelcie and Kathy Liu with help from Fred and Ilona Bell and Stephanie Oliveira, Houlton Madinger and Craig Kurath  I really enjoyed Chelcie’s program on wooden boat building.  One of the biggest things that I learned was that all wooden boat technology was not developed over 50 years ago. Thanks Chelcie for cluing me in.

Thanks are also in order to Jim Quandt for all his work in keeping the Club House in tip top shape.

There is only one cruise this October, the Chili Cook-off on weekend of Oct 13.  Since you can either drive or boat to Mystery Bay, I would hope that over 50% of our members will attend.  SEE YOU THERE.

By this time you should have received Rick’s email about the nominating committee wanting you to step up to fill in one of our leadership positions.  Please give this serious consideration because you will be working with some wonderful people in our club.

Vince Verneuil, Commodore


September Commodore’s Column

As I sit down to write this column after a two month vacation I am struck with how active we are during the summer.  One new thing about this summer that stands out as unusual is that four new family members joined (due to the new bylaws recently passed) during the time when we did not have a general meeting.  A big congratulations goes out to the membership committee lead by Rick Rezinas and Macy Galbreath.

The second great thing was the three great lunch cruises. They were well attended and  everyone had a great time.  Again a big congratulations goes out to Carl Sidle Cruise Captain and Macy and Bill for the Port Gamble lunch cruise,  Rick and Sandy Rezinas for the Port Ludlow lunch cruise and Mike and Nancy Machette with Char and Jim Quandt for the Kala Point lunch cruise. We have had great participation from our newer members for these events.

Our normal activity cruises came off as planned with very good participation from our members.  Big thanks goes out to Carl and Sue Sidle for the Pleasant Harbor cruise in June to kick off the summer.  Some boats even continued south to Alderbrook to extend this great cruise.  Gerry and Cindy Walsh hosted a great time for those that went to Fisherman Bay in early July.  The Reid Harbor 4th of July cruise hosted by Mike and Barb Soskin and Ken and Ila Mikkelsen was very special with more food to eat than we needed and a great decorated dinghy parade.  If you have never attended this cruise I would recommend it highly.

We did have one social at the club house in July where Mary Ann and I showed our Africa pictures.  We would like to thank Darrell and Cindy Olson; Houlton and Duane Madinger; Char and Jim Quandt and Gerry and Cindy Walsh for helping with this evening.

I would like to introduce our new members that have joined since our June meeting:  Gary and Nancy Fredrick; Tom and Patti Biazzo; Mike Heckinger and Kris Easterday; and Bruce and Kathy Painter.  They all have met some of us at one location or another. We all looking forward to visiting with you and finding out your varied interests at our regular meetings.

I would like to thank Galen and Shelly Peterson and Char and Jim Quandt for being the Watch at our June regular meeting and also for hosting an off-site June Social—a Sea Shanty Sing-Along at the Northwest Maritime Center.

I am going to end on a sad note about our longtime member, Dave Frazeur, who passed over the bar.  A Memorial service will be held at the Point Wilson Lighthouse, Fort Worden at noon on September 15.

Vince Verneuil, Commodore


June Commodore Column

I would like to welcome our new members:

Darrel and Cindy Olsen and Jack Hensel. Welcome Aboard!

While we are on the subject of new members, I hope all are ready to vote on the By Law changes at our June meeting. If you have any questions, please let us hear from you.

Thanks go out to the May Watch—Dan and Linda Newland; Tim and Kathy Loika; Jorge and Terry Martello; Sue McKay and Paul Happel and Mike and Barb Soskin.

Thanks also to Fred and Ilona Bell and their crew for the Opening Day Breakfast and Clam boil at Mystery Bay.

June brings on great cruises to intermediate distances, so please try to join us. Pleasant Harbor is a fun place as a drive to destination. If you cannot boat there, come by car.

I would like to give a big thank you to

Penny Jensen for her long and hard work with the IRS to regain our non profit status. As per her email to everyone, we are now a 501(C)4 effective as of June 2011. We will be researching what, if any, effect this will have on our operations.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe summer.

Vince Verneuil, Commodore

May 2012 Commodore Column

 Spring is here. Thank goodness that we are much better off than the rest of the US. Just remember if you dress for the weather then the weather will not stop you from having a good time.

Thanks goes out to the April Watch – Macy Galbreath & Bill Rothert, Captains, Mike and Sandy Smith, Dave and Ann Sweat, Houlton and Duane Madinger. Our thanks also goes out to Diane and Viktor Grabner for our Mystery Bay Brats and Knots Cruise. Those Brats were the best. We should also thank Chelcie Liu for getting us organized for the April 21st, Earth Day Clean-Up of Mystery Bay.

We send out a big thank you to Rick and Macy who did an excellent job on our 2012 Roster. Our 2012 PTYC ID cards are available for you to pick up.

We are going to end April with an Open Boat social event in Port Hadlock Marina on Sunday, April 29th. Plan to visit PTYC members’ boats from 2-4:30 in the afternoon and make reservations to stay for dinner at Ferino’s Pizzaria in Port Hadlock afterwards. I will hope to see you on board our Main Cat 47, “Sweet Spot,” during the event.  (more…)

It’s Almost Here . . . Come Join the Fun!!!

2012 Opening Day Poster

March 2012 Commodore’s Column

We look back to a very good start to this year. The submarine tour was great. Even after visiting the sub, it is hard to imagine living in such close quarters for 4 to 5 months. Our thanks goes out to these young men (and women) for being out there to protect us from the unthinkable. Thanks Bill Rothert for all your work setting up this tour.

We also have a budget to guide us through the year. Our number of members that have rejoined is about what we estimated so we should be able to have a good year at the current dues. Looking forward to next year, we may have to cut some expenses or increase the dues.

Thanks goes out to the February watch – Marilynne Gates (and Roger), Harry and Zoe Ann Dudley, Greg & Sheryl Kerkof, John and Stephanie Oliveria. I thought the speaker, Captain Mike Novak, was very informative and practical about maintaining our boats below the water line. Thanks Marilynne, for working so hard to get a speaker on Valentine’s Day.

The signups for the 2012 Committees have almost filled up the positions with only a few events later in the year still open. Thanks.

I will be traveling and will not be able to attend the March board meeting or general meeting.
March 30-April 1, is our first cruise of 2012. Cruise Captains Viktor and Diane Grabner are planning a “Knots & Brats” April Fool’s Cruise to Mystery Bay. It will be good to be with PTYC members on the water again and shake our boats down after winter’s hibernation. Be sure to let Viktor and Diane know if you plan on attending, by signing up at the March General Meeting or via e-mail: diane@therosewood@hotmail.com. Let’s have fun!

Vince Verneuil, Commodore