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Welcome Aboard 2015

Welcome to the Port Townsend Yacht Club (PTYC).  We are located at 2503 Washington Street in the picturesque Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, Washington – the gateway to cruising in Puget Sound from Olympia and Seattle, to the San Juan Islands, the Canadian Gulf Islands, and north through the Inside Passage to Alaska.  From here you can boat to some of the most spectacular places in the world.  Our club is active throughout the year with cruises, seminars, socials and meetings.  We welcome new members, visiting boaters via our reciprocal program, and community members with an interest in boating.  Enjoy our website!


NEWS FLASH — PTYC is “Cooking Up a Storm”

Ahoy PTYC Members!

PTYC is ‘stirring the pot’ once again, with members Beth Burson, Sue McKay and Sandi Rezinas ‘turning up the heat’ in creating our very own Cookbook.

They are seeking a collection of simple recipes for tasty fare while at sea.  And what better resource could there be for this ‘savory’ endeavor, than the best, tried-and-true recipes from the hearty swabs of the Port Townsend Yacht Club. Who knows . . . This just might be your first real success at being published!

To ‘wrap things up,’ here are the ‘links’ to ‘get you cooking’:

PTYC Galley Grub Announcement

PTYC Recipe Template in MS Word

PTYC PDF Recipe Template

PTYC Cookbook Page

Until we ‘eat’ again: ready . . . set . . . ‘start your burners and ovens’

2015 PTYC May Commodore’s Column: “We Don’t Just Go Boating…”

May Com photoWhat an absolutely great bunch you are! What you, the members of The Port Townsend Yacht Club, manage to accomplish in addition to going boating is absolutely amazing! When Cindy and I joined PTYC, we had no idea of the number of hours the members of PTYC contribute to the club and the community throughout the year.

The actions of a group, which is probably known as a “bunch of boaters,” may be generating so much more in terms of service hours, than actual “time on the water”, is wonderful to behold!Earth Day 2015 8 x 10 300dpi-1818

As I write this, 22 of your fellow members just completed putting in 95 volunteer hours at Mystery Bay State Park on Marrowstone Island. These folks showed up at 9 o’clock this morning and by the time they were done, the park really sparkled. You should take a look sometime – the view across the water, toward the beautiful, snow-capped Olympic Mountain Range, is worth the short drive. It is also a neat place for a short cruise and all night stay tied to the dock. A fine lunch was prepared by Paul Happel, Sue McKay, Duane & Houlton Madinger with Carl Sidle doing dogs on his grill. This deed was once again coordinated by Paul Happel and Chelcie Liu. And this is just one service PTYC members perform each year. AND… we witnessed the debut of the large, new PTYC burgee made by Paul Happel for the club to display at events and cruises! To top it all off, when we were eating lunch, a lady came over to the tables and thanked us profusely for making the park they use so neat, clean and attractive! Continue reading

2015 April Commodore’s Column: “Spring Cleaning”

April WebWhy do we traditionally clean our homes at the beginning of spring? In Jewish custom, Passover is a time of house cleaning as well as worship. To combat inadvertently insulting God, Jews scour their homes before Passover to ensure they didn’t miss any leavened bread. Since Passover comes around April, many people consider this custom as the origin of spring cleaning.

The Chinese clean their homes in anticipation of the New Year (which occurs shortly after the Western New Year). The Chinese sweep their floors and clean their homes to get rid of bad luck and misfortune that may have accumulated during the previous year.

It’s possible that we spring clean simply because we wake up from a winter long melatonin-induced stupor and find more energy as days grow longer when spring arrives.

Everyone is thinking about Spring Cleaning and our Port Townsend Yacht Club is no exception! Spring Cleaning is always upon us, in a big way this time of year, with the usual tasks on land and water in order to prepare for the upcoming boating season.web2com col

First up, on the PTYC Spring Cleaning calendar, is the Clubhouse “Work Day”. By the time you read this, many eager volunteers from among PTYC membership, under the guidance of Rear Commodore Craig Kurath, are ready to toil away on Saturday, March 28th, to refresh our clubhouse in preparation for future events. Among tasks usually tackled are window cleaning, many repairs of faulty or failing fixtures, hand-washing every chair, deep-cleaning of the kitchen, touch-up painting, scrubbing the outside awning, reorganizing the office and power washing the sidewalk. Continue reading