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Welcome Aboard 2015

Welcome to the Port Townsend Yacht Club (PTYC).  We are located at 2503 Washington Street in the picturesque Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, Washington – the gateway to cruising in Puget Sound from Olympia and Seattle, to the San Juan Islands, the Canadian Gulf Islands, and north through the Inside Passage to Alaska.  From here you can boat to some of the most spectacular places in the world.  Our club is active throughout the year with cruises, seminars, socials and meetings.  We welcome new members, visiting boaters via our reciprocal program, and community members with an interest in boating.  Enjoy our website!


2015 December PTYC Commodore’s Column: “Happy Holidays”

2015 Dec columnEveryone is planning and preparing for the possibly busiest time of the year. Gift lists are being compiled, celebrations planned, groceries bought, parties attended and friends wished well for the coming year. Religious services of many denominations are celebrating the reason for all of this activity and good cheer.

PTYC is no exception when it comes to celebrating the season. Our club has been uncommonly busy celebrating the holidays, with more feverish planning, hearty dining and happily gathering together in good cheer and exchanging greetings and wishes of good health and well-being. What does a group like PTYC do to be so busy during the holidays?

Here’s what:

  • * Annual Bell Harbor Holiday Cruise to Seattle
  • * December general meeting with entertainment by the Key City Public Theater players
  • * Decoration of the clubhouse for the Holidays
  • * Annual Holiday Party, dinner and Yankee gift exchange
  • * Annual Key City Public Theater Holiday performance
  • * Holiday cocktail party

Not only does all this eating, learning, cruising and camaraderie occur during the holidays, when you are a PTYC member who enjoys our club, you know well that   we are an amazingly busy group throughout rest of the year.

To wit, please note the following:

  •  Opening Day breakfast and boat parade and potluck
  •  12 water based or land based cruises/events
  •  10 monthly club meetings with informative/entertaining programs
  •  T-37 races
  •  9 Board meetings
  •  Annual clubhouse clean-up/fix-up day
  •  Annual Earth Day clean-up at Mystery Bay State Park
  •  A safety seminar followed by the annual Chili Cook off
  •  Open boat at Port Hadlock
  •  Movie Night at the clubhouse in August
  •  Annual Garage Sale fundraiser for the PTYC Scholarship Fund
  •  Annual Crab Feast
  •  Countless committee meetings which occur behind the scenes
  • And with 18 new member families in 2015, we now number 202 members!

What a great group you are!  Thanks for making this a year to celebrate!

“May the frost never afflict your spuds.”       Gerry Walsh, 2015 Commodore

Celltic Sun signing off


2015 November Commodore’s Column: ‘Tis the Season of Thanksgiving

What a great opportunity to express gratitude for the numerous people and natural wonders that surround us all every day in this extraordinary place!2015 Nov Comm

As Cindy and I have discussed topics for this month’s “Commodore’s Column”, we naturally kept returning to the idea of how blessed we are to have decided to retire HERE. Although we knew this place beckoned, the real reasons were yet to be revealed. As we settled into living in our new home in the woods and began to become acquainted with the area, it dawned upon us how unbelievably fortunate we were to have this place choose us.

Why do we feel so thankful? Well here goes…

Wonders abound all around us here; mountains, water, animals and historic places so special that all one needs to do is utter a single word or phrase such as Rainier or Baker or Puget Sound, Juan de Fuca Strait, San Juan Islands, Olympics, Cascades…..! Who has time to really appreciate all of them? But we all try, and the reward is in the seeking.

The people who have chosen to make this place their homes are the bonus! We are truly thankful for the people we know who are friendly and giving of their time and talents to the benefit of all.

This is especially true in the Port Townsend Yacht Club where so many members work hard to make our club a vital, growing source of fun, giving, learning and adventure.

A case in point is the just completed PTYC annual garage sale where sales broke last year’s mark by about one thousand dollars! This remarkable achievement is due to the generosity of our club members, who gave their saleable items and the members who, over a 4 day period, volunteered their time to help organize, set up, staff and clean up all under the capable leadership of Muriel Powers. Muriel spent untold hours planning, recruiting, organizing, publicizing and managing the sale. Of course the proceeds of the garage sale go toward the PTYC scholarship fund which assists deserving students every year who seek to further their education in the marine related trades.

The theme of last month’s column, was asking folks to step up and help to continue to make PTYC great. And people continue to do so at critical times and for that too, we are also thankful.

As the rewards of our wonderful place and the people we meet continue to accumulate, how can we be anything but thankful?