2015 PTYC February Commodore’s Column — “Holy C.O.W.”!

gerry2What a fantastic party! The 2015 version of the Port Townsend Yacht Club’s C.O.W. (Change of Watch) Dinner and celebration on Saturday, January 17th, was an incredible party put together by Past Commodore Macy Galbreath, Super Party Planner Houlton Madinger and their legion of club member helpers. The Irish pub theme was so well executed; right down to the decorations, music, and three “publicans” (Tom Biazzo, Jim Quandt and Jess Schefstrom) stationed at three separate spots around the room, serving up ales from Port Townsend Brewing and a selection of wines.

And the food . . . the dinner prepared and served by the Ajax Café in Port Hadlock was also Irish themed with a kale salad, Porter braised pork tenderloin, potatoes with root vegetables and Irish soda bread. An Irish whiskey and dark chocolate torte was the tasty cap to the meal. All was discretely served to the roomful of guests by the friendly and efficient Ajax Café staff.

The Change of Watch MC duties were admirably handled by Char Quandt who mixed humor with business and conducted a fun and memorable event.

Macy Galbreath, now Past Commodore, officially concluded her time in office at the C.O.W, as did outgoing Board members Mike Smith (Rear Commodore), Kathy Loika (Secretary) and Beth Burson (Trustee). Many thanks to Macy and the others for giving of their time and talents for the benefit of all of us. Macy will continue as a Board member in her capacity as Past Commodore, while the others will likely continue to work behind the scenes to make our club go and grow.

Our thanks to each individual responsible for the event. A large team of folks met several times, planned, decorated, set up and took down. They should take pride in pulling off a wonderful evening. THANK YOU!

NOTE: Be sure to check out the photos of the night on the PTYC web site’s “Gallery”.

May the frost never afflict your spuds.”        

Gerry Walsh, Commodore

Did you know: volunteers make our club the great organization it is?   Ask what you too can do.



2015 PTYC Commodore’s Column — Welcome to a New Year!

Ahoy and Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who made last year one full of wonderful experiences and fun. I would especially like to thank outgoing Commodore and now Past Commodore Macy Galbreath for her outstandi2015gw croppedng leadership and patient mentoring. The new guy will endeavor to live up to her example and will continue to seek her advice and wisdom.

Also, welcome to the 2015 PTYC Board members, Bruce Painter (Vice Commodore), Craig Kurath (Rear Commodore), Duane Madinger (Fleet Captain), Mary Schefstrom (Secretary), Craig Cholvin (Treasurer), Jess Schefstrom (Trustee), Tim Loika (Trustee) and, of course, Macy Galbreath (Past Commodore). They bring a wealth of experiences and enthusiasm to your club. What a great crew!

Your new PTYC Board and committee members have already rolled up their sleeves and are busy with planning another year of adventures in cruising, both land and sea, fun, friends new and current, tons of food, informative speakers and meetings, and educational seminars, all just for you! As always, your Board members will be working for you and welcome your ideas, feedback and of course your willingness to volunteer your time and talents for the benefit of all.

Coming in January we have the Board meeting on the 7th (new members are encouraged to attend), a planning session for cruises and events happening on the 10th, the regular club meeting on January 13th and the Change of Watch event is on the 17th. The C.O.W. is the annual formal and fun dinner event at which the outgoing officers hand over their duties to the incoming officers and at which, the Master of Ceremonies offers a few remarks (often quite entertaining) regarding the Past and new Commodores and Board. Be sure to put these dates on your calendar.

Speaking of calendars, the PTYC calendars are always available for you to check out on the PTYC website:  www.ptyc.net.   Of course, if you are reading this you are already there and can just navigate to the calendar, a link to which may be found on the Home Page, on the right margin under “Pages”. The same sidebar also contains many other links to useful and informative subjects and documents.

Be sure to avail yourself of all the opportunities that your membership provides; it is a great bargain!

Did you know: volunteers make our club the great organization it is?   Ask what you too can do.

May the frost never afflict your spuds.        Gerry Walsh, Commodore

2014 December Commodore’s Column “2014 — A Great Year”

Dec Macy- BaggyThank you so much for making 2014 a great year for me. I have enjoyed working for you and with you and representing the club. I have loved my year as Commodore probably because it was much like my career working for non-profits – mostly in management and marketing of symphony orchestras. I guess I continue to enjoy brainstorming, planning, budgeting, organizing, writing, meeting, marketing, and cheerleading! Now, I am ready to move on and pass the conn to incoming Commodore Gerry Walsh.

Thanks for all your support! It was a joy to get a resounding yes when asking someone to help! The programs were great, the watches full, the cruises well organized and attended, and parties filled and sold-out in some cases. We are richly blessed with so many active members, that we are sometimes overflowing the clubhouse. The Board is already looking at ways to make sure our members can enjoy all our club has to offer – and is always happy to hear your suggestions.

One of the great pleasures this year was welcoming our 16 new member families—Michael Bateman; John Blakemore & Pamela Thompson; Brandy & Oleathia Buntin & daughter, Genoa; Tom & Marie Cawrse; Steve Froggett; Jamie & Brena Hayashi, Jim Heckmann & Karen Ridings; Glen Hellman & Ann Heyerdahl; Bruce & Diana Klock; Craig & Marie Muma; Robert & Martha Olbrych; Jack & Barb Parent; Kevin Peters & Sally Gadow; Jim & Christina Pivarnik; Bill & Margaret Taylor; and Tom & Val Thurston (see photos pp. 10-11). They bring a wealth of boating and life experiences that will enrich the club in the coming years.   Bill and I look forward to getting to know everyone. We encourage new people to join in a cruise. It is such a great way to get to meet members in a small group setting, in addition to the just plain fun of cruising. (more…)