2015 PTYC Marine-Trade Related Scholarships

PTYC is now accepting scholarship applications until April 10, 2015, for marine-trade related studies.   Click on the link for detailed information.

2015 PTYC March Commodore’s Column: “Busy Bees!”

Gerry MarchYour 2015 Board is made up of a hard-working, dedicated group of fine individuals who are working many hours to get the 2015 PTYC year off and running. We have finalized the Budget for 2015 with Treasurer Craig Cholvin leading the way. Vice Commodore Bruce Painter and I have been very busy with the member renewals, which are now complete. Furthermore, Bruce has updated the membership database, the List Serve updates, and your membership cards and is beginning to build the 2015 Roster. Rear Commodore Craig Kurath has been super busy with clubhouse maintenance and rental issues. He, with assistance from Tim Loika, Craig Cholvin and Jess Schefstrom, have both tended to some plumbing and electrical issues and have installed a new entry door warning chime. Fleet Captain Duane Madinger has been diligently putting together cruise and event schedules for the year. His dedication to the task is evident in the Cruise and Events Schedules for this year. Let’s all get on board and go cruising! Secretary Mary Schefstrom has been thrown into her new job as secretary and is holding up well under fire from all quarters as she documents Board and General meetings. She also assists in the production of your membership cards and communications from the Board. Trustees Jess Schefstrom and Tim Loika are contributing in many important ways with seminars, cruises, events and clubhouse maintenance. Macy Galbreath continues her service to the club as a conscientious trainer, parliamentarian and involved Past Commodore. What a great crew!

And working mostly behind the scenes to keep things ticking along, the following PTYC members are largely unheralded, but extremely important:

  • Ilona Bell – Ilona produces our website, monthly newsletter and calendar and creates colorful and attractive flyers for cruises and events.
  • Mary Ann Verneuil – When was the last time you wondered who keeps the bar stocked with your most requested libations and who keeps the galley stocked with necessary supplies? Answer: Mary Ann does it all!
  • Sue McKay – Where do those Goodie Bags” come from? Sue orders all the bags and the “goodies” inside and then assembles them as needed for new members. She also is a very dedicated Membership Committee leader.
  • Paul Happel – Is your boat’s photo in the entryway gallery? Chances are that Paul spent some time taking pictures sent to him and turning them into the fine display folks see every time they enter our clubhouse. Is your boat’s photo up there?
  • Char Quandt – For years Char has run the Ship’s Store and has assisted members in ordering PTYC logo apparel as well as establishing a working relationship with DL Logos in PT and Land’s End Outfitters. See Char to find out how you can order your PTYC hats, shirts, fleeces, jackets and more. Show your PTYC pride when you go cruising or visiting other clubs!
  • Administrators: Macy Galbreath, Ilona Bell, Rick Rezinas and Crew: Jess Schefstrom, Char Quandt, and Oleathia Buntin are working many hours to revise and update our club website. Stay tuned for its debut!
  • And many more folks who go unrecognized for their willingness to pitch in and help make our club the great organization that we all enjoy!
Attention All Hands!

As mentioned in the Board Minutes and at our February General Meeting, an earlier start time will be given a trial run during the March and April general meetings.Happy hour will begin at 6:30 p.m. with the program portion of the meeting to start at 7:00 p.m. The normative time for speakers has usually been about 30 to 45 minutes followed by a 15 minute dessert/coffee break. The business meeting portion will be scheduled to start at about 8:00 pm and targeted to conclude around 8:30 pm, thus allowing those members with jobs and longer travel times to get home earlier.

May the frost never afflict your spuds.”                                           Gerry Walsh, Commodore


2015 PTYC February Commodore’s Column — “Holy C.O.W.”!

gerry2What a fantastic party! The 2015 version of the Port Townsend Yacht Club’s C.O.W. (Change of Watch) Dinner and celebration on Saturday, January 17th, was an incredible party put together by Past Commodore Macy Galbreath, Super Party Planner Houlton Madinger and their legion of club member helpers. The Irish pub theme was so well executed; right down to the decorations, music, and three “publicans” (Tom Biazzo, Jim Quandt and Jess Schefstrom) stationed at three separate spots around the room, serving up ales from Port Townsend Brewing and a selection of wines.

And the food . . . the dinner prepared and served by the Ajax Café in Port Hadlock was also Irish themed with a kale salad, Porter braised pork tenderloin, potatoes with root vegetables and Irish soda bread. An Irish whiskey and dark chocolate torte was the tasty cap to the meal. All was discretely served to the roomful of guests by the friendly and efficient Ajax Café staff.

The Change of Watch MC duties were admirably handled by Char Quandt who mixed humor with business and conducted a fun and memorable event.

Macy Galbreath, now Past Commodore, officially concluded her time in office at the C.O.W, as did outgoing Board members Mike Smith (Rear Commodore), Kathy Loika (Secretary) and Beth Burson (Trustee). Many thanks to Macy and the others for giving of their time and talents for the benefit of all of us. Macy will continue as a Board member in her capacity as Past Commodore, while the others will likely continue to work behind the scenes to make our club go and grow.

Our thanks to each individual responsible for the event. A large team of folks met several times, planned, decorated, set up and took down. They should take pride in pulling off a wonderful evening. THANK YOU!

NOTE: Be sure to check out the photos of the night on the PTYC web site’s “Gallery”.

May the frost never afflict your spuds.”        

Gerry Walsh, Commodore

Did you know: volunteers make our club the great organization it is?   Ask what you too can do.