2014 June Commodore’s Column: Summer Boating–Safety First

OD Macy3Opening Day was terrific!  Thanks to all who made it happen.  Now summer boating is really beginning!  I look at the calendar and realize that we leave for the Victoria cruise next week.  We get home and have about 5 days before heading down the Hood Canal to Pleasant Harbor for another great weekend.  We hope the weather will be as nice as last year when we sat by the pool, swam, and played games.  Then a couple of weeks later, we are off on a week cruise through the Islands ending up in Telegraph Harbour in Canada.  Then it is time for July 4th cruise to Stuart Island.  Whew!  What a great time the club has planned.  I hope all those signed up can make it – no last minute mechanical problems or health issues!!  LADY is having engine work done and I have my fingers crossed.

Having just attended the recent Fire Extinguisher Safety Seminar, I feel focused on safety issues for sailing and cruising!  Many thanks to Beth Burson for arranging with Steve Brunette of Tarboo Ridge Fire Extinguishers to have a demonstration.  Steve’s video was excellent, but it was the hands-on that was so helpful.  It took me two tries to hold the extinguisher in the correct hand, remember to PULL THE PIN, and put out the fire in a reasonable amount of time.  Time well spent!  (more…)

2014 May Commodore’s Column: Include Reciprocals In Your Summer Boating Plans!

Macy 9Ahoy, before I get into reciprocals, I want to say WOW!  April was an amazing month.  Our members have always been impressive, but everyone was outstanding in April!  The meeting was not to be missed with a full house, outstanding member speaker, wonderful chili, great judges, and a terrific Watch.  It went on from there with a well-run, well done club clean-up; another great Earth Day at Mystery Bay; and a first time Open Boat in Port Ludlow.  Thanks to everyone – check out who made it happen in Bravo Zulu on page 2.

Now, to reciprocals – our greatest member benefit – and perhaps the most underutilized.  Jess Schefstrom, our trustee who is overseeing the club reciprocals, and I just recently got a notice from our on-line reciprocal database Yacht Destinations that only 15 of our members are signed up!!  I know you probably have meant to do this or are perhaps new enough to the club that you don’t know about it, but you are really missing out!   So here is the scoop on Yacht Destinations and the 2 other places you can get reciprocal information. (more…)

2014 April Commodore’s Column: Cruising into Spring


It is a pleasure to have Weight Watchers as a new renter for the clubhouse.  They are a good fit for us.  As mentioned before, they will be using the club on Monday evenings from 4:00-7:00 pm and on Wednesday mornings from 8:00-11:00 am year round.  These are low usage times for us and will provide a nice rental income to help support club maintenance and upgrades.  Please try to avoid coming into the club during those times.  If you must, do so quietly and respect their privacy and right to be there.  Let’s make sure they feel a warm welcome.

Thanks to Ilona, we have also added four new advertisers.  I encourage you to look over our list of advertisers in the Baggywrinkle and on our website.  Remember to use their services when you need something and to mention that you saw that they were a PTYC advertiser. We depend on rentals and advertising to augment our dues and keep our club vibrant.  You can help by encouraging friends, businesses, and organizations to rent the building and keep us in mind when they want to advertise.


One of the time honored maritime traditions is the Blessing of the Fleet that began centuries ago in Mediterranean fishing communities and was meant to ensure a safe and bountiful season.  We will be celebrating Opening Day of Boating with our own Blessing of the Fleet on May 3rd and inviting the boating community to join in the celebration.  This is a heads up for PTYC members so that we see everyone on a boat and out on the water that day.  Your participation is what makes it special. (more…)