2017 January Commodore’s Column: “Wakes and Horizons”

Sailors, by tradition, make the first log entry of the new year in verse. The practice is observed in the Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and, occasionally, in the yachting community. Our log book is the Baggywrinkle, and, this being the first issue of the new year, we must now all suffer together. You aren’t alone, for at 0400 on January the 1st, mariners in every ocean and every sea will record, in official documents, similarly painful compositions.

2016 was a very good year
We partied, we cruised, we drank some beer
Bruce, The Bruce, led the charge
From the luxury of his stately barge

The change of watch was most glorious
Our ladies divine, the men meritorious
Hurrah, our season began in May
When all the boats came out to play

First Paddy, Pleasant, Reid and Ludlow
To Sequim and Blake, most apropos
Finally, Hadlock and frosty Bell
Oh, the tales we lived to tell!

Recall the home port revelry
The opening day mega-party
A scary spooktacle, a crabby feed
Gifts and a play, our holiday creed

Now, ken the work of our stout crew
Who fixed a park and the clubhouse, too
They raised money for a worthy cause
While the board harrumphed, per the bylaws

To all who helped, a hearty cheer
As we give thanks for quite a year
And how the Christmas Star does twinkle
For she who writes the Baggywrinkle

But we won’t stop in 2017
Coming up, a planning thing
To have a say in where we go
No excuses—you’ve got to show

Then Bruce, the conn, will pass with glee
To a lubber of moot pedigree
And his cutter of diminutive size
Persevere, friends. I apologize.

2017 Commodore Duane Madinger      
Now, bring me that horizon!