2020 March Commodore Column: It’s Always “Yappy” Hour Somewhere

It’s never a reassuring sign to see parts of your captain’s chair lying on the floor, which is what lead Bob and I to the Seattle Boat Show in January. We are generally just looky-loos when we go, admiring all the shiny new boats, and everything from A to Z that we didn’t know we needed, but this year we had a mission. The ever-wonky captain’s chair had finally given out on the trip home from the December Bell Harbor Cruise. We accomplished our mission, and our new custom chair is on the way. While we were there, we joined RBAW as well as picked up the accompanying free 2020 Waggoner Cruising Guide. Productivity and deals!

The Boat Show had a special visitor day this year called Dogs on Deck, allowing show-goer’s dogs to stroll the red carpets, take in some new smells, meet other dogs, and receive their own “goody bag” filled with treats, water bowl, Frisbee and more. Naturally we decided to go on this day and reminded Gracie and Dory to be on their best behavior … and they were! They enjoyed the day and felt like canine celebrities with cameras flashing and all the petting and treats they earned. Gracie and Dory especially enjoyed five o’clock Yappy Hour where they mingled with other boating dogs and received free life jackets.

Pets are part of the family and we see many dogs (and cats) on board while cruising — and the number is growing! Bob and I were surprised to see so many dogs onboard on our trip up to The Broughtons last summer. It was fun meeting other boaters with dogs and exchanging doggie boating tips. You can also find a lot of helpful tips online for boating with pets. Who knew that dogs could get sunburned and they make special sunscreen for dogs? There are interesting ways to get dogs to (ahem) do their business on boats when shore time is not available. PFDFs come in all shapes and sizes for pets. And the list goes on. Rumor has it that we’ll have another little bundle of fluff joining our PTYC cruisers, but I’ll let the happy doggie parents announce that.

Another highlight of the Seattle Boat Show was winning two free nights at Pleasant Harbor Marina. We will put that to good use on our upcoming Club cruise there. Hope you’ll join Captains Jim & Christina Pivarnik and Bob and I as Co-Captains on the Pleasant Harbor Cruise, August 13 – 16. Be sure to sign up soon on the website. This has been a popular cruise and will fill up fast.

We have a lot of exciting cruising in store for 2020.   Visit our website and sign up. The marinas and your PTYC Cruise Captains need your reservation information NOW … don’t miss out!

Something else not to miss is the March 14th Irish Pub Night Potluck with Irish Stew and Brew at the Clubhouse, and on March 28th we have the Safety Seminar, followed by the Chili Cook-Off. More chili chefs are needed! Contact Eileen Baratuci or Linda James if you can bring a crockpot of your favorite chili and compete for a prize. You can find more information on both of these events inside this issue of the Baggywrinkle.                                     Commodore Debbie