Boating & Cruising Information

This is a collection of articles, press releases and other items that members have found helpful for boating in the Pacific Northwest.  All boaters need to make their own decisions when using this material.   On line video cruising guides created by PTYC members Darren & Lisa O’Brien

Vessel Traffic Seattle  What is VTS and what can it do for you?

Before You Leave the Dock  A Coast Guard publication with information for Puget Sound

Ballard Locks–Unlocking the Locks

Hood Canal Bridge Openings:  According to the current edition of Northwest Boat Travel, “Due to new standards, from May 22 to September 30, the bridge will not open for recreational vessels from 3 PM to 6:15 PM.  During all other times, if the bridge must be opened for your vessel, call on VHF 13 or call 360-779-3233.  Please give the bridge crew at least one hour of notice prior to your arrival.”

Cruising to Alaska  Thoughts on how to prepare.

Cruising to Canada   What you should know and what you can take
* Alcohol
*Food–Note:  Check regularly for updated foods allowed in Canada.

Good Samaritans – Tossing a Towline  What you should know.

Salvage vs. Towing  What you should know.

Do Sailing Vessels Always Have The Right of Way over Ferries?

Opportunities to Make Cruising Easier  Websites and information for going into Canada, Washington State Park passes and RBAW