Commodore’s Column

2022 February Commodore’s Column: “Sharing the Fun and Wealth of Knowledge!”

This is the time of year when we ask our members to renew their commitment to the club. As this process is wrapping up, I got to thinking about the many reasons why we all decided to join our Yacht Club.  For some, like Susie and myself, we were new boat owners, and we were hoping to find a group with not only knowledge about sailboats, but recommendations of where to go, when to cast off, and what to be on the lookout for. Some joined to be with friends, both on and off the water, and others joined to meet new people and make new friends. Many of us wanted to explore the many boating destinations throughout the Pacific Northwest, from marinas to anchorages, both well-known and some off-the-beaten-path.

In reflecting on the myriad reasons for joining our club, a common thread seems to run through the “why we joined” question:  it’s the wealth of knowledge and practical experience contained by the very people who make up our membership. And the best part of that observation is the demonstrated commitment and willingness of our members to freely share their knowledge and insights. Continue reading

2022 January Commodore’s Column: “Happy New Year to Our Yacht Club Family!”

I wish to begin by saying that it is my honor to be your Commodore for this upcoming year. That said, it is also with some trepidation as we enter into what will be year three of the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.  I have watched with admiration as our Past Commodore, Debbie Williams, guided our Club through two years of what has been virtually uncharted waters.  New issues and challenges continually arose, but they were invariably met with grace and good humor. Through Zoom meetings, outdoor gatherings and cruises, our Club stayed on course; and not only survived; but flourished in many unexpected ways. Congratulations are in order to all for persevering in unsettled times.

This upcoming year is a special one for our Club. Seventy-five years ago this February, a group of five families founded what is now known as the Port Townsend Yacht Club.  That idea was shortly thereafter formalized by the incorporation of the Club with the State of Washington.  Initially set to exist for a fifty-year period of time, by the mid 1980’s the Club’s limited existence provision was eliminated, and our existing Clubhouse was built upon Port owned land and pilings. 

Throughout this entire time, and up until today, while members have come and gone, boats have been bought and sold and boating styles and preferences evolved, our Club has provided a forum for boating enthusiasts to gather together to learn more about their boats, to improve their boating skills, and to support the next generation of boaters and vessel trades people via our successful scholarship program.   And the best part of all this has been, that the Club does this by tapping into our members’ skills and volunteer efforts to create fun entertainment opportunities, from cruises to Clubhouse events throughout the year, and perhaps most importantly, by creating the ongoing opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Continue reading

2021 December Commodore Column: “Adjusting Our Sails”

“The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails.”
                 – William Arthur Ward, Writer

It has been a couple of difficult years for all of us.  I have heard the word “unprecedented” so many times over the last two years and in so many different contexts, but we really have been in a state of uncharted times with Covid-19 upending our lives.  Covid entered the picture just two months into my Commodore term.  It has been challenging, but together, with the Board making some tough decisions, with the Membership’s support, along with “adjusting our sails,” we’ve survived as a Club and are now learning how to live with Covid.  Thank you for getting your vaccines and boosters!  Isn’t science and medicine wonderful?  I’m so thankful.

I am very happy to say that we will end 2021 back in the clubhouse for our December 14th general meeting.  In keeping with tradition, we will have a performance by Key City Public Theatre as our program for the evening, to spread some holiday cheer.  Our general meeting will follow.  The Board decided on no food or beverages in order to keep everyone’s masks on at all times, and proof of vaccination will be required at the door.   ZOOM will be set up for those not able to attend.

This being my last Commodore Column, I can’t thank the Board and Membership enough for their support and patience in weaving our way through these trying times.  PTYC has an exceptional Board stepping into 2022, and I am honored to serve as Past Commodore.

I see a fun-filled year ahead for PTYC.

Commodore Debbie