March 2012 Commodore’s Column

We look back to a very good start to this year. The submarine tour was great. Even after visiting the sub, it is hard to imagine living in such close quarters for 4 to 5 months. Our thanks goes out to these young men (and women) for being out there to protect us from the unthinkable. Thanks Bill Rothert for all your work setting up this tour.

We also have a budget to guide us through the year. Our number of members that have rejoined is about what we estimated so we should be able to have a good year at the current dues. Looking forward to next year, we may have to cut some expenses or increase the dues.

Thanks goes out to the February watch – Marilynne Gates (and Roger), Harry and Zoe Ann Dudley, Greg & Sheryl Kerkof, John and Stephanie Oliveria. I thought the speaker, Captain Mike Novak, was very informative and practical about maintaining our boats below the water line. Thanks Marilynne, for working so hard to get a speaker on Valentine’s Day.

The signups for the 2012 Committees have almost filled up the positions with only a few events later in the year still open. Thanks.

I will be traveling and will not be able to attend the March board meeting or general meeting.
March 30-April 1, is our first cruise of 2012. Cruise Captains Viktor and Diane Grabner are planning a “Knots & Brats” April Fool’s Cruise to Mystery Bay. It will be good to be with PTYC members on the water again and shake our boats down after winter’s hibernation. Be sure to let Viktor and Diane know if you plan on attending, by signing up at the March General Meeting or via e-mail: Let’s have fun!

Vince Verneuil, Commodore