2018 PTYC Photo Albums

Click on the links below to view specific event photos.  NOTE:  To save a photo:  open the album, double click on the photo to open it large, then RIGHT click and SAVE AS to your desktop or computer folder.

JANUARY:        Change of Watch Decorating

JANUARY:        Change of Watch–Will L.

JANUARY:        Change of Watch

JANUARY:        Cruise & Event Planning Meeting

FEBRUARY:      February Meeting

FEBRUARY:      Scholarship Games Night “FUN”driaser

MARCH:            March Monthly Meeting

MARCH:            Friday Pre-St. Paddy’s Ceilidh

MARCH:            Saturday St. Paddy’s Ceilidh

MARCH:            Clubhouse Spring Cleaning

APRIL:               April Monthly Meeting

APRIL:               April Safety Seminars

APRIL:               Chili Cook-off

APRIL:               Earth Day Beach Clean-up

APRIL:               Open Boat in Port Ludlow

MAY:                  Opening Day (Cindy)

MAY:                  Pre-Opening Day Social & Dinner with Past Commodores

MAY:                  Opening Day (Bruce P) 

MAY:                  Opening Day Boat Parade (Lucy)

MAY:                  Opening Day Boat Parade (Jim)

MAY:                  Opening Day  (Paul)P

MAY:                  Opening Day Boat Parade (Ilona)

MAY:                  Opening Day Boat Parade (Leslie)

MAY:                   Opening Day Post Boat Parade Social & Dinner

MAY:                   May Monthly Meeting

JUNE:                   June Monthly Meeting

JUNE:                  Saanich Peninsula, Canada Cruise [ Jane A.]

JUNE:                  Saanich Peninsula, Canada Cruise

JUNE:                   Enrico Wine Tasting

JULY:                    July 4th Cruise [Cindy W.]

JULY:                    July 4th Cruise [Jill H.]

JULY:                    July 4th Cruise

AUGUST:              Anacortes Arts Cruise [Paul H.]

AUGUST:              Anacortes Arts Cruise

AUGUST:              Pleasant Harbor Cruise [Paul H.]

AUGUST:              Pleasant Harbor Cruise

SEPTEMBER:        Soup & Salad Potluck Meeting

SEPTEMBER:        South Sound Cruise

SEPTEMBER:        South Sound Cruise 2

SEPTEMBER:        Poulsbo Cruise

SEPTEMBER:        Poulsbo Cruise 2

SEPTEMBER:        Port Hadlock Bonfire Cruise

OCTOBER:           October Monthly Meeting

OCTOBER:           Crab Feast & Preparations

OCTOBER:           Princess & Corpse Brides Halloween Party

NOVEMBER:       Fall Clubhouse Cleaning

NOVEMBER:       November Monthly Meeting

DECEMBER:        Kingston-Bell Harbor Cruise

DECEMBER:       December Monthly Meeting

DECEMBER:       Feliz Navidad & Potluck

DECEMBER:       Feliz Navidad & Potluck #2

DECEMBER:       KCPT Holiday Play & Reception