2014 Photo Gallery

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“Tug On” —  a Snapshot of the Year’s  Events

DECEMBER:               Holiday KCPT Performance

DECEMBER:               Feliz Navidad Holiday Party

DECEMBER:               December PTYC Meeting

DECEMBER:               Bell Harbor Cruise to Seattle

NOVEMBER:              November PTYC Meeting

NOVEMBER;              Crab Feast

OCTOBER:                  Garage Sale Scholarship Fundraiser

OCTOBER:                  October PTYC Meeting

SEPTEMBER:              Kingston Rocktoberfest Cruise

SEPTEMBER:               Port Hadlock Equinox Cruise

SEPTEMBER:              September Potluck Meeting

AUGUST:                     Lunch Cruise to Kala Point

JULY:                            July 4th Cruise 2

JULY:                            July 4th Cruise to Reid Harbor

JUNE:                           Telegraph Harbor, BC Canadian Cruise

JUNE:                           Pleasant Harbor Cruise

JUNE:                           June PTYC Meeting

MAY:                            Victoria, BC Canadian Cruise

MAY:                            Fire Extinguisher Safety Seminar

MAY:                            May PTYC Meeting

MAY:                            Opening Day Clam Chowder Potluck

MAY                             Opening Day Parade

MAY:                            Opening Day Breakfast

MAY:                            Opening Day Cruise

APRIL:                          Open Boat Port Ludlow

APRIL:                          Earth Day Clean-Up at Mystery Bay

APRIL:                          Clubhouse Spring Clean

APRIL:                          Chili Cook-Off at April Meeting

MARCH:                       St. Paddy’s Cruise Dinner     

MARCH:                       St. Paddy’s Cruise to Port Ludlow

MARCH:                        March PTYC Meeting

FEBRUARY:                  February PTYC Meeting

JANUARY:                    Change of Watch

JANUARY:                    Change of Watch Set Up

JANUARY:                    January PTYC Meeting

JANUARY:                    2014 Cruise & Event Planning Meeting