November Commodore’s Column

Ahoy PTYC Members!

I enjoy every season of the year, but Fall is my favorite. Our world is a vision reminiscent of a impressionist pallet with broad stokes of color splashed across the landscape; cool bracing air; a glowing fireplace with a cup of hot cider, Fall just tugs at your soul like no other season!

A special thank you and salute to our October Watch Shelly and Galen Peterson, and Mary and Dave Weeding. Delicious pumpkin pie was enjoyed by all. Also, a special thank you is in order for our guest speaker Richard Prindell owner of H2Out. Richard’s spirited presentation was not only informative but entertaining as well. As noted at the meeting H2Out products are available at several locations in town.

The Bell Harbor Cruise is scheduled for Monday thru Thursday December 5-8. This a wonderful time to visit Seattle, shop, eat and be merry. Slips have been reserved and members should immediately call Cruise Captian Carlyn Stark if attending. The Holiday Cruise to Bell Harbor is the last remaining organized Club cruise for the year, but please know that any member may lead an impromptu short cruise if they desire; simply send out a List Serve announcement and see who shows up.

Attention all you ‘hobgoblins’, our “Spooktacluar” Costume Party is scheduled for October 29, 7:00 pm at the Clubhouse. This social event is very casual, costumes optional and it will be a lot of fun (can’t have too much of that!). Hope to see you there.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for November 2 at the Clubhouse at 1:00pm. Our annual meeting is scheduled for 7:00PM on Tuesday October 8, 2011. Please try to make this meeting as we will be voting to elect our Board for 2012!

Our membership drive us rapidly coming to a close; so if any interested boaters out there would like more information, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the Membership Drive Page in the right side-bar on our website –

And finally, we continue with our “Sea-Word” challenge. Last month we all had fun with Lee Jensen’s “match the fictional ship” challenge. My personal thanks to Lee for the suggestion. This month, in celebration of the Halloween season, I offer an adaptation of Lee’s idea focusing on “ghost/derelict” ships through history. See if you can match-up the ship with the related fact.

Match the ghost/derelict ships to the hint.


a)   A lifeboat from this ship would be found in near perfect      condition 27 years after her sinking in 1906. The ship itself was thought to be seen ghosting down the coast of Vancouver Island where she sank.

b)   A five masted schooner found abandoned and aground on Diamond Shoals, North Carolina (investigated by six departments of the U.S. government) crew and passengers were never found.

c)  Ship discovered off the coast of Sardinia, no damage to the ship, meal half eaten, crew never found.

d)  Found derelict ship, all crew missing, with the tea still hot in the galley.

e)  A 12 meter catamaran discovered on Queensland. When boarded; the engine was running; a laptop was running; a meal was set to eat; with lifejackets, liferaft, etc. all still on board.  Her three man crew missing and never found.

f)   Abandoned in the Arctic Ocean when entrapped in ice, this ship was spotted numerous times over the next 38 years; but never salvaged

g)  A ship named by a Captain and condemned to eternally sail the seas.

h)  A paddle steamer that burned on the Tombigbee River, Alabama and purportedly reappears, fully aflame, on cold and windy nights to foretell of impending disaster.


1.  The Mary Celeste (1872)                  5.  Bel Amica (2006)

2.  Carrol A. Deering (1921)                  6. Kaz ll (2007)

3.  Baychimo (1931)                                 7.  Flying Dutchman (1795)

4.  Steamship SS Valencia (1933)       8.  Eliza Battle (1858)

That’s it for now and good luck!

Fred Bell, Commodore