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Moving Forward in 2022

Jim Gorski | Published on 9/1/2022


Well, after a somewhat cool and rather wet beginning, it’s sure looking like summer is going to end up on a high note, and I don’t just mean temperatures. As I am sweltering behind a computer screen, I am reminded of being a kid, wanting summer vacation to continue for many more weeks; but knowing that school, and other duties were going to require a lot of inside attention.  Happily, for us, there are still two Club cruises in which to participate and, if the weather holds, we have many more weeks of good boating opportunities.

But on the duty side of things, we have a full agenda for the club, as we come off our summer break.  Our September member meeting will be the traditional soup and salad potluck in the clubhouse immediately preceding our meeting, 5:30pm. We will continue to provide a Zoom option for those who wish to attend virtually.  
September will also involve getting up to speed for what promises to be an EPIC Garage Sale in October, the proceeds of which go to our Scholarship Fund.  

Finally, we will be asking all of you to provide the Board with your opinions and other feedback on what you would like to see the club engage in over the coming years.  Are you happy with the way things have basically functioned? What do you like or dislike about club activities such as parties, cruises, boater education and other endeavors in which we engage.


By October, we hope to share this information with you and then use it as a springboard to discuss the future of the club’s investment in the clubhouse. As you may know, our existing ground lease expires in February of 2026. If we do nothing, the lease expires and the land, with the clubhouse, reverts to the Port of Port Townsend. The Port has set forth some new lease options for us to consider, and we, as a Club need to discuss those options along with the attendant costs we would likely incur for us to extend our lease relationship with the Port. There are other options we may also wish to pursue, regarding how and where the Club should consider operating from. Fortunately, we have the benefit of time to evaluate the options and make an informed member decision on how and where  the Club will operate over the next number of years. In the end, any lease decision by the Club is subject to a vote of the membership, so I encourage everyone to be involved and attentive as we move this process forward over the next few months.

Our Club’s strength over its 75 years of existence, is and always has been the collective wisdom and volunteer efforts of its members. I am happy to observe that notwithstanding the Covid 19 Pandemic, our club has weathered that storm and remains a vibrant and fun organization.  Our affinity for the sea and boating is a foundation piece, but the friendships we have developed, and may well develop in the future, are the core of a good organization and worthy of nurturing.  I look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming meetings, events, and maybe even at a holiday party or two! 

                        Commodore Jim




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