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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Jim Gorski | Published on 10/24/2022





As I am writing this column for November, my first thoughts were consistent with the season, in gratitude and thanksgiving, but then I realized that this column is but one of a number of communications you have and/or will be receiving from me and/or the club as we move forward on the numerous initiatives, events and meetings scheduled over the next few weeks. In that regard, be on the lookout for e-mails directing you to the new website, which will be functional by October 28. Also, you will be receiving a November member meeting agenda.

Wrapping up the onslaught of e-mails will be an agenda, with additional financial and informational attachments for our Wednesday, November 12, “All Hands Meeting,” from 9am—12 noon, to discuss the Club’s lease situation with the Port, options available to the Club to continue that relationship, and additional new options for meeting space in and around the waterfront in Port Townsend. I fully expect we will survive this downloading of I formation and discussion on our Club’s future, and we should have a referendum on the leasing issue for a vote of the membership early in the new year.

Wow, a lot is going on, but how grateful I am that our membership recognizes the need to be involved in charting our club’s future. I am also grateful for the many volunteers who have donated countless hours to furthering the club’s mission; from upgrading our club website to improving our social media presence. I am further grateful to the many members who put in the time to stage what ranks as an all time successful garage sale, for the benefit of our scholarship fund.

And on a personal level, I am grateful to the many members of the club who have provided Susie and I with many useful hints and sailing advice so that we can comfortably sail our boat out of the marina to explore the many anchorages and marinas throughout Puget Sound and for us, next year, into Canadian waters. When we first arrived, we were as green as could be. But practice and encouraging words and advice from many club members really gave us the confidence to leave the dock and get out on the water.

So, regardless of how these upcoming meetings play out, I know that our members show up when it counts and will be active participants in discussing our club’s plans, aspirations, and future direction. It is no surprise that it’s the people who make a successful club, and I am grateful for the collective efforts to make our club a resource for practical boating advice, a source for fun cruising opportunities and social events, and an open forum for improving our boating and safety skills. And the best part of all this is that it is done under the umbrella of friendships, new and old, rooted in a love of the water and boating. Indeed, we have much to be grateful for, in this month where we celebrate our many blessings and good fortune.


Commodore Jim