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Scholarship Fundraiser a Huge Success

Wendy Weeks & Linda Abbey | Published on 10/17/2022

2022 Garage Sale
Thank you one and all for emptying your closets, cabinets, and storage spaces for the club garage sale. The net proceeds were $4,800, a very healthy offering for our scholarship fund!  As of this writing, we still have some cut crystal and dishware to sell on Craig's List, or some similar forum, so the total may go up a bit!

What impressed us most was the way everyone came together at the clubhouse and just made it happen! What a fine team we all make and you all made it a joy to co-chair the event.  We even danced a bit to keep the energy going as the day progressed! 

Thank you one and all for setting up, selling and tearing down; you all showed up and made it happen. Linda and I are most grateful for all your efforts. BRAVO PTYC!

In particular, thanks go to:
Jeanette Mestre, Scott Love, Linda James, Jim and Susie Gorski, Karen Cavin; Paul Happel, Carolyn and Paul Smith,  Houlton and Duane Madinger, John Powers, Lynette Jennings, Diane Elliot, Jim Romberg, Marta Krissovich, Sandy Smith, Linda Newland, Sue McKay, Tim Tibbals and Jane Asbury, Dan Murphy and Scott Abbey.