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Informative Boating Experiences Workshop Held

Dale Moses | Published on 10/11/2022

Paul Handel Leading Workshop

Eighteen of us gathered on Saturday morning, October 8th , in the clubhouse to compare notes on how we prepare for a boating outing. After introducing the topic, Dale Moses turned the workshop over to Paul Handel who expertly guided us through a number of considerations we should think about before we get underway. Everyone present had some experiences in boating, i.e. we didn’t have any inexperienced ‘newbies”. With many spirited conversations among us, we didn’t finish Paul’s agenda so we will probably include discussions on preparations in the 3rd workshop scheduled for Saturday, January 14th, 10-12. As we ended, we discussed doing more flyers and invitations around Port Townsend to get more folks who could use these insights. We’ll work on that. Meanwhile, let’s all stay safe on the water…and put Jan 14th, on your calendar.