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January 10 Program: Western Flyer Restoration

Marta Krissovich | Published on 1/2/2023

Western Flyer Illustration

The Western Flyer: An Illustrious History and Exciting Future

by Chris Chase, Port Townsend Shipwright & Project Director for the Western Flyer Foundation

The Western Flyer has lived many lives since her 1937 launch in Tacoma, WA. In fact, many consider her “the best-known fishing boat in history”. Thanks to John Steinbeck and Edward Ricketts and the Sea of Cortez, she has become an icon of American literature.

Despite all this she was neglected for decades, fell into serious decline, and even sank twice. When she was towed to Port Townsend in 2013, she looked like a ghost ship, caked with mud, and bearing sun-bleached wisps of hairy filamentous seaweed.

In 2015, she was acquired by marine geologist John Gregg, then was lovingly and painstakingly restored over seven years by the Port Townsend Shipwrights Coop. 

January 10, 2023 is your chance to hear Port Townsend Shipwright and Western Flyer Foundation Project Director, Chris Chase, give an illuminating presentation about the restoration and the befitting future of the fascinating Western Flyer.

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